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Human beings may be the top species on the global food chain, but we have also chosen to live our lives among animals. From the pets we keep in our homes to the wild animals that we expose ourselves to in certain environments, we do have a certain level of interaction with beasts that can potentially do us harm. Animal bites can range from harmless nips to full-on animal attacks in the wild, and the potential danger should not be taken lightly.

Most animal bites are lacerations on the skin, caused by the teeth, that commonly bleed if larger blood vessels are damaged. Animal bites are particularly dangerous because they can expose the victims to any infections that animal currently has, as well as bacteria and other pathogens that can cause infection or disease. Tetanus and rabies (typically from bat bites) are the most common problems that arise following an animal bite, not to mention the pain of being bitten and the wound itself!

The other danger of an animal bite occurs when the incident happens in the wild, without proper medical supplies or personnel on hand. This can lead to infections and other unpleasant complications for someone who has suffered an animal bite.

Animal bite on the leg of a person

The most frequent animal bites are dogs, cats snakes, ferrets, parrots, skunks, raccoons, and bats, but larger animals like bears and wild cats are also a danger. Many animal bites seem unprovoked, but there is usually a good reason. Therefore, if you are putting yourself in situations where you are exposed to unknown pets or wild animals, you should know the best strategies to prevent animal bites and infections.

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