What are Bed Sores

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Bed sores also known as decubitus ulcer, pressure sores, or ulcers may simply be described as a lesion, break, or swelling in the skin that fails to heal and the damaged area then develops inflammation of the area surrounding it. Such sores occur mostly in bedridden, disabled, paralyzed, coma patients, and many elderly and senior citizens of the world who aren’t able to alter their positions regularly, leading to increased pressure over abaxial portions of the body.

These specific areas include the buttocks, pelvis, heels, the lower side of the legs, and the back. Resting patients who have undergone operations also suffer from bed sores at peculiar places like the spine, head, shoulder blade, and joints like the ankles, elbows, and knees due to their fixed position.

Small bed sores need to be dressed regularly, while excoriations may require plastic surgery. There are also other treatments available that are expensive, time-consuming, and painful like ‘Electric Stimulation’, ‘Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy’, and the ‘Vacuum Assisted Closure’. If not treated in a timely manner, bed sores can lead to the area being cut off from rest of the body’s blood circulation, ensuing in amputation or even life-threatening situations. This helps in the maintenance of skin integrity and eliminates tiny cracks so that the further spread of inflammation and the entry of pathogens is prevented.


Symptoms of Bed Sores

It is easy to detect the formation of bed sores at its earliest point of being observed. That is when treatment should begin. The main symptoms of bed sores are as follow:

  • Itching in the areas which suffer excessive pressure
  • Tearing or lesions on the skin, especially over bony areas
  • Reddened skin, which does not turn white when pressed
  • The affected area remains warm and tender
  • Pus formation or swelling, resulting in a bad smell
  • Sores, blisters, or small craters begin to appear at later stages
  • Pain in joints and muscles

Specialized care of bedridden individuals can prove advantageous in resolving bed sore development in its early stages.

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