7 Wonderful Home Remedies for Breast Milk Deficiency

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Some of the home remedies for breast milk deficiency include the use of fennel seeds, almonds, herbal tea, garlic, onions, parsley, and organic foods. Good nutritious food is the key to avoiding breast milk deficiency.

Home remedies for breast milk deficiency must be followed to enhance the production of this nutritional food for infants. For a baby, breast milk is the bread and butter of basic health. Medical reports suggest that breastfed babies fare far better than babies who are denied this vital element of nutrition. Breast milk is said to boost the immune system and overall health. Many women do not produce enough milk for breast-feeding purposes. In such cases, rather than going for pharmaceutical medicines, it is better to go for homemade remedies to increase milk production in the body. It is light and easily digested by infants. It also helps to create a terrific emotional attachment between the breast-feeding mother and her newborn baby.

 Home Remedies for Breast Milk Deficiency

Some of the most effective home remedies for breast milk deficiency are as follows:

Fennel Seeds

To produce more breast milk, lactating mothers should consume fennel seeds along with warm water.

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Breastfeeding mothers may also eat almond and buckwheat or consume almond oil to prevent breast milk deficiency.

Herbal Tea

For a continuous, adequate milk supply to newborn babies, breastfeeding mothers may also try herbal supplements or increase their consumption of herbal teas.


Garlic extracts are recommended as one of the best Ayurvedic natural remedies for increasing lactation. Garlic may also be applied to the surface of the breast to kill germs and other harmful microbes.


Breastfeeding mothers may include raw onions in their diet for increasing their secretion of breast milk. Onion extract may also be applied to the surface of the breast to remove any formation of pus.


Parsley leaves are also considered to be one of the finest home remedies for breastfeeding. The leaves may be boiled, wrapped in clean cloth, and then put over the breasts. This may also help in releasing pus.

Organic Foods

According to studies at The Cornucopia Institute, the consumption of organic dairy and meat products is helpful in enhancing the nutritional value of a mother’s breast milk.

Lastly, a breastfeeding mother should remain stress-free to increase the production of milk for her baby. The National Institute of Mental Health has proved that stress hormones and breast milk production are inversely proportional to each other.

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