What is Breast Milk Deficiency

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Human breast milk is intended for newborns and it is the best food that a mother could possibly give her offspring. It also plays a key role in ensuring healthy growth and development of newly born babies.

However, there are cases wherein one may experience lack of lactation or deficiency of breast milk. Let us look at the key symptoms of breast milk deficiency so that the expecting mothers or women who are breastfeeding are aware of it and can take necessary action.

Breast Milk Deficiency Symptoms

An inadequate breast milk supply for the baby may be detected by the following symptoms:

  • Frequent crying by the baby due to an insufficient milk supply.
  • No tenderness of the breast experienced by lactating mothers.
  • Pale complexion of the infant.
  • Breast milk is very clear and dilute.
  • The baby is always weak and tired.

Factors Affecting Breast Milk Supply

The breast milk supply can also be affected by many lifestyle issues and factors. Some of them include;

  • New mothers may often become depressed or highly emotional due to hormonal changes that occur during the rigorous pregnancy and birthing process, which may adversely affect breast milk secretion
  • The milk flow may also diminish if the mother mainly uses one breast, or if other supplementary foods are introduced for the milk-suckling infants
  • Women who have undergone recent breast surgery may also witness lack of breast milk
  • Some overweight women also experience problems due to breast milk deficiency
  • Premature birth can also lead to breast milk deficiency
  • Use of certain medications, contraceptives, or birth control pills before the newborn is four months old can also lead to low milk production
  • Lack of breastfeeding at night before sleeping can cause reduce the prolactin levels, thereby lowering breast milk
  • Excessive consumption of coffee, tea, or alcoholic drinks may also lead to an insufficient supply of breast milk

Thus, it is very important that every breastfeeding mother maintains a proper diet and include wholesome food items, along with drinking an ample amount of juice, water, and milk.

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