14 Amazing Home Remedies for Breast Tenderness

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Some of the home remedies for breast tenderness include evening primrose oil, soy, dehydrogenated fats, corn silk, uva ursi and buchu, flaxseed, chaste berry, cabbage leaves, vitamin E, weight loss, mineral intake, reduced salt, warm compress, ice pack and a reduction in harmful dietary elements.

 Home Remedies for Breast Tenderness

Several home remedies for breast tenderness are mentioned below.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose contains essential fatty acids that are needed for reducing pain in the breasts. Take a few drops of this oil and apply it on the breasts gently.

Dehydrogenated Fats

It is advised to switch to margarine oil as per the Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies. All sorts of poultry and meat products, along with the cooking oils that are normally used for cooking purposes, contain halogenated fats. These halogenated fats curb the body’s requirement of gamma linoleic acid (GLA) through a metabolic pathway. GLA, in turn, is needed for preventing breast pain and it is, therefore, good to use de-halogenated fats like margarine oil to reduce breast tenderness.


Soya in the form of soy milk, soybeans or soy burgers is beneficial for breast health. These are a rich source of isoflavone compounds that reduce tenderness of the breast. It is therefore advised to increase the intake of soy products by females suffering from breast tenderness.

Corn Silk, Uva Ursi, and Buchu

This herbal tea made up of herbs by boiling them in water can be consumed daily to get relief from pain. This decoction is known for decreasing the pain and discomfort in breasts.


Make a mixture by adding a spoonful of flaxseed to a glass of water. It can also be added to ice cream, yogurt or fruit juice. The sole aim is to consume 1 spoonful daily and the pain in the breasts will subside in a short time.

Chaste Berry

One should include chaste berry in their daily diet sheet, as it is known to decrease both cramping and breast tenderness.

Cabbage Leaves

Obtain leaves from raw cabbage and apply them to swollen breasts. Cover them with some cloth or cotton. These leaves have the ability to help you get rid of the pain caused due to swollen breasts.

Reduce Salt Intake

It is strongly advised that females suffering from breast tenderness should reduce their salt intake.

Warm Compress

Warm some water, soak a towel in it and apply it to the breasts for 10-15 minutes. This reduces breast tenderness and the associated pain. It does so by increasing the blood circulation in the breast.

Ice Pack

According to Medline Plus, a cold compress or an ice pack should be used in case of injury. Ice packs are especially good for alleviating fibrocystic breasts as well. Crushed ice should be taken and placed in a clean cloth that is to be wrapped around the breasts.

Harmful Diet

Food products like ice cream, chocolate, and soft drinks should be avoided as much as possible. It has also been found that a reduction in your intake of caffeinated products like coffee and tea are associated with a decrease in breast tenderness and pain.

Home remedies for breast tenderness - infographic

Vitamin E

A diet rich in vitamins like vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and especially vitamin E is needed to alleviate the pain in breasts. It is well known that a daily supplement of 200 to 400 International Units of vitamin E is beneficial for this condition.

Weight Loss

It has been observed that a decrease in body weight can alleviate breast pain to some extent. The probable reason could be that as more animal fat is consumed, the less estrogen is excreted into the body. Moreover, most of this fat gets accumulated in the breasts, which show an increased sensitivity to hormones. Thus, it is always good to lower your weight in order to prevent pain in your breasts.

Mineral Intake

Selenium, calcium, and magnesium are good for reducing tenderness of the breasts. Magnesium has the inherent ability to get rid of the cyclic pain in your breasts due to the menstrual cycle and thus, should be incorporated into your diet whenever possible.

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