What are Bruises

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Bruises are common after suffering an accident during activity, but they can also occur during high levels of strenuous physical exertion.

What are Bruises?

Bruises refer to discoloration of the skin that is the outcome of any kind of physical injuries like cuts, wounds, fall, sports-related or other accidents. This results in the rupture of adjacent blood vessels, which break and release their contents to the surrounding skin tissue. It is demarcated by swelling, softness, redness, and pain in the region that has experienced the skin discoloration. The extent and duration of a bruise depend on the severity of the injury and may take months if the bones are also bruised. It is best to take advice from a medical doctor for injuries that are painful. It can be complemented by home remedies.

According to Dr. May Loo in her book “Integrative Medicine for Children”, it is common for children older than 9 months to have more than 20 bruises during sports sessions or in a place with an extremely warm climate. These injuries can be seen mostly on the lower limbs, especially the shins and knees.



The symptoms after an individual get a bruise are as follows:

  • Swelling or bump
  • Pain
  • Redness with a bluish tinge
  • Tender and supple to the touch
  • Pain in muscles while using the affected body part
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