How to Take Care of a Cat

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Knowing about cat care is important if you want to provide a healthy and safe environment for your feline companion.

Cat Care

Cat care is a critical part of being a pet owner; just like humans, animals need a certain level of care to enjoy happy and healthy life. Since animals are unable to speak to us and tell us what they need, pet owners must understand the full extent of care required to provide a humane life to your cat. This includes the provision of physical needs as well as emotional connectivity. [1]

How to take Care of a Cat?

Cat care is a general term but includes things like house training your pet, when, what, and how often to feed them, and what vaccinations are required.

Housetraining Your Cat

When training your cat to use the litter box, you should consider the location carefully. Choose a place that is quiet and secluded, so the cat can have privacy, and is not disturbed or surprised, which can cause a negative association to be developed with the litter box. If you have more than one cat, you should have more than one litter box. [2]

Close-up of a cat licking its lips as it stares at its feeding bowl.

What does your cat like to eat? Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Feeding Your Cat

Depending on what species of cat you have, and any specific health conditions of that animal, you must choose your cat’s diet carefully. Most veterinarians will have recommendations of good brands specific to your cat’s needs, but there are also many cat food guides available. Deciding between dry and wet food is just the beginning. [3]

Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Regularly taking your cat to the veterinarian, at least once a year, is highly recommended to ensure that they’re happy and healthy. Furthermore, despite the initial costs of vaccines, it will prove very beneficial to your cat’s long-term health and should be administered. Brushing your cat, getting your cat spayed, and occasionally bathing your cat may be required. [4]

Taking Care of Stray Cats

Taking care of cats can be difficult, so providing regular food and water for stray cats in your neighborhood is a good way to decide whether you want to invest in a cat of your own.

Cat Care Tips

  • Choose wisely between a kitten and an older cat
  • Consider allergies and determine whether you have a cat-friendly home
  • Clean out the litter box at least once a week
  • Pay close attention to your cat’s changing appetite or moods
  • Invest in a scratching post Protection Status
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