Chandanni Miglino Puts Glow Back In Skincare Biz

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Chandanni Miglino has been on the journey of wellness for over 17 years, during which she became interested in the ancient science of Ayurveda. The US-based Yoga teacher decided to train in it and spent a number of years as a certified Ayurveda practitioner making teas, tinctures, ointments, and remedies for family, friends, clients, and herself. It was at that point that Chandanni realized there was a great demand for simple and effective products using natural and organic ingredients.

Building a Natural Skincare Business

In 2014, Chandanni launched the Chandanni Organic Beauty & Ayurvedic Natural Skin Care Products line. “Our products and tools are for everyone, no matter what their belief systems or where they are from,” she explains. The product line aspires to use the highest grade natural and organic ingredients that will bring people back into balance and radiance. It does not contain any parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes or other harmful ingredients. [1]

A close-up shot of Chandanni Miglino

Chandanni Miglino, a US-based yoga teacher & a certified Ayurveda practitioner. Photo Credit: Chandanni Miglino

Recipe for Glowing Skin for All

Chandanni’s products are designed to suit all skin types and especially, sensitive skin. Chandanni had spent years having issues with her dry and problematic skin. “I was never able to find a skincare line that best suited my skin until I formulated my Queen Bee product, Face Grace. It is a rich, emollient, organic moisturizer which acts more like a serum,” she says. If stored correctly, her organic products can last up to 2 years. Her products are available to be shipped online and are also at select retail outlets in the US.

Expanding the Beauty Business

Chandanni says she is not worried about being in an already crowded personal care product space. “We feel our energy and offering stands apart in a league of its own. We love being in the crowd, so to speak,” she laughs.

She is busy expanding her wellness business and has just launched She explains that the objective is to help people all over the world cleanse the liver, what she considers the master organ, intelligently and effectively during every season change.

Chandanni product line

Chandanni has a huge product line that includes liver cleansers, face moisturizers and more. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

What I Am Most Proud Of

Chandanni says she never thought that she would be an entrepreneur and a manufacturer of wellness and beauty products. “I always wanted to change the world with art and beauty. I feel that life has brought me to my most artful moment. To cultivate and design ways and means to make the world more beautiful by empowering others. I am happy to see more and more people organically move towards balance and well-being, which is what Ayurveda is all about.”

Chandanni is also proud of a fund that she, along with her husband, created four years ago called Chandanni Scholarship Fund. She says, “We bring at-risk youth from underserved communities in America to India and other nations to experience diversity and wellness each year. Helping empower children towards awareness and wellbeing is the greatest task of all. We are living in very extraordinary and exciting times and we are humbled to be in service.” [2]

About Chandanni Miglino

Chandanni Miglino is the founder and CEO of Chandanni Organic Beauty & Ayurvedic Natural Skin Care Products. Chandanni is also an internationally known Kundalini Yoga teacher, a certified Ayurveda practitioner and a certified Osho Meditation Facilitator. She started learning yoga with Kundalini guru Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in 1999 and soon, started teaching Yoga & meditation retreats all over the world. She will be teaching at the International Yoga Festival 2018 held through March 1-7 in Rishikesh, India. [3] Protection Status
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