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Imagine indulging in chocolate without having to worry about calories! That’s what chocolate tea claims to do. It is a dessert served in the form of tea.

What is Chocolate Tea?

While the market is loaded with a myriad of chocolate-flavored teas, the authentic one is made from the shells of cocoa beans. The cacao pod is cracked open for obtaining the seeds, which are then fermented and dried. The result is what we know as cocoa beans. These beans are roasted, followed by a separation of cocoa nibs (inner layer) and cocoa shells (outer covering). The chocolate that most of us savor comes from the nibs and chocolate tea is made from cocoa shells that are used as an aromatic loose leaf tea.

Whoever said that it’s a sin to waste chocolate has hit the right chord. Every part of the cocoa bean is put to good use. And if you look at it from an elevated perspective, this is an aversion to wastefulness or what the Japanese call mottainai.

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Making Chocolate Tea

A cup of chocolate tea is fairly simple to make if you have cocoa shells on hand. Add a tablespoon of cocoa shells to a cup of boiled water and strain it after a resting time of about 5 minutes. The tea is characterized by a chocolatey aroma and a mild and sweet taste if you add honey. If you want a cocoa-like flavor, you can add milk or cream to it.

In winter, you can curl up with a hot cup of chocolate tea, sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg powder, and catch up on a few pages of your book. On warm summer days, add a couple of ice cubes and a slice of orange to the tea. It will make you feel like you are unwinding on a sun-drenched beach in Florida.


Chocolate tea is low in calories, an obvious reason why guilty chocolate fanatics worship it. Plus, it gives you a nice kick thanks to the natural levels of caffeine and theobromine within it.

Many tea companies have gone creative in making cacao tea a household name by offering an interesting base to the tea like black tea and peppermint tea. You can buy it in the form of tea bags or loose leaf tea from local as well as online stores.

Modern cafes have also started serving it, so why don’t you take yourself out and order a delightful cup of chocolate tea? We’re sure the cafe by the corner of the street makes the most amazing cup!

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