Colloidal Copper Benefits & Side Effects

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There are a number of colloidal copper benefits including its ability to potentially treat skin wounds and burns, and also help boost collagen production. Colloidal copper is particularly popular as a topical skin treatment and is found in many cosmetic products.

Colloidal Copper

Colloidal copper is a health supplement that is similar to colloidal silver. Copper nanoparticles are suspended in purified water, and then the extract is taken orally or used topically. Proponents believe that the smaller particles of copper are absorbed more easily into the body, and are therefore more effective at treating a range of ailments.

Colloidal copper can be purchased as a toner, a lotion, a facial cream, and in soap form, in addition to the liquid extract. Sometimes the extract is taken orally to prevent copper deficiency. However, copper deficiency is very rare in healthy adults. It is seen sometimes in children born premature or suffering from malnutrition. Adults with Celiac disease or cystic fibrosis may also have a copper deficiency since those diseases prevent the proper absorption of nutrients through the digestive system.

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Colloidal Copper Benefits

Let us look at the most important benefits of colloidal copper.

Treating Skin Wounds and Burns

A 2011 study by Nathaniel C. Cady et al. at the University of Albany in New York found that copper nanoparticles were an effective antibacterial treatment on open wounds and burns with as little as ten minutes of exposure. Other studies have found that copper nanoparticles boost skin regeneration and promote faster healing.


The copper nanoparticles in colloidal copper have been shown to have antioxidant properties, helping to scavenge free radicals that can damage cells on a DNA level, opening up a dangerous path for cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Stimulates Collagen Production

Colloidal copper is primarily used for skin care and may help reduce wrinkles and improve skin’s elasticity by stimulating the production of collagen in the body. This can boost tone and shed years from your appearance.

Side Effects of Colloidal Copper 

Copper is safe to use topically and safe to use orally in small doses. Large doses of copper can result in:

Before adding this supplement to your daily or weekly health routine, speak with a doctor about any possible interactions, particularly if you are already using topical medications for a skin condition. Protection Status
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