10 Ways To Cool Down When You Feel Hot

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Of course, summers are vibrant, sunny, and warm.

However, what often comes as an obstacle is finding the right ways to cool down while the temperature is rising high outside. In this piece of writing, you will get a comprehensive depiction of all such perfect cooling down approaches during summers which can eventually let you feel relaxed.

How to Keep the Body Cool in Summer Naturally?

Simple tricks like dressing in light colors, taking a cold shower, avoiding alcohol, and limiting caffeine intake, and turning off lights when not required are some ways to cool down when you feel hot.

Dress Light

When it is summer, not only the amount of clothes matters but also their type has a lot of significance. The lightweight, loose-fitting, and absorbent materials like cotton are the best option to go for. Make sure that you are wearing one layer of it and also look for lighter shades because darker colors can end up absorbing heat and make you feel hotter.

Keep Your Sheets Cold

Just stick your sheets in the freezer for some time and put them again back on your bed. If you feel it is too cold, you can rather put them in the fridge. You can even use a resealable plastic bag so they don’t get in contact with food, moisture or ice. Well, this chill is not going to last for the entire night but it will let you fall asleep quickly.

Go for a Cool Shower

If it’s a hot day, a cool bath or simple sponging off with cold water could help. It must help to cool your body thoroughly. Moreover, if you’re not habituated to bathing with cold water, even hot water can work for you. It is beneficial because water evaporates from your skin and hair after having a hot water bath and that’s how you feel cold. However, don’t try to steam up the bathroom too much. It can otherwise make the situation worse.

Live in a Cold Ambiance

Air conditioning could be the smartest trick to keep your body cold whenever you are at home. If you feel hot, simply let the temperature down. If you don’t have this option, get the air moving with one or two fans. You can even create a path for sourcing air inside through open windows. If you want an even bigger cooling boost, you can put an oven roasting pan with ice cubes in front of the fan.

Check Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine… this is the strongest ‘stimulant’ in your morning cup of coffee which can totally fire up your body. Although it is pretty safe to drink coffee can sharply raise your body temperature up to a great extent. So, during summers, it is a smart idea to avoid drinking coffee up to whatever extent you can. It’s also the same for chocolate, tea, soda, sports drinks, etc.

Don’t Booze Much

It’s true that a bottle of ice-cold beer or cocktail might cool your core temperature but alcohol has been always known for making you feel even warmer. This is something which doesn’t seem to be a good combination and might make you nauseous dizzy if you are already feeling hot.

Further, if you drink too much, it might even end up upsetting your body’s hormones which can sometimes spike body temperature and even cause ‘hot flashes’ which are nothing short periods in women.

Hydrate Continuously

To keep the heat at bay during summers, it is very crucial to drink more water. When the internal part of your body is cool enough, it can help you feel cold overall. So, make sure that you are drinking enough water to survive comfortably during summers. Also, you will not feel thirsty if you keep on hydrating.

Hence, make it a habit to bring a bottle of water with you always when you are exercising or playing games. Try to drink at least 10 big gulps of water from your water bottle every 5 minutes and you will definitely feel cold.

Turn Off the Lights

This tip is definitely a self-explanatory one as light bulbs release heat and it, in turn, makes the environment hotter. You can act a bit smarter here and turn off the lights to keep yourself cold. Take advantage of natural light as much as you can and keep the rooms cool after dark by using almost no lights or dim lights only.

Don’t Stay Nearby the Stove

During summers, you shouldn’t be whipping up a piping hot casserole or roast chicken. While being beside the stove can let you feel hotter. Instead, you can chow down on cool, room-temperature dishes and avoid feeling more heat. Eating cold can definitely let you feel cold too.

If in case, hot food is in order, you can fire up the grill instead of using an oven. Also, you can swap big meals for smaller and lighter ones which you can metabolize easily. Your body will produce less heat when you munch down a plateful of fruits and veggies when compared to a platter of oily and spicy foods.

Get Rustic

When the temperature is soar outside, try to ditch extra-comfy matters and rather opt for a minimalist straw or bamboo mat. These natural sleeping surfaces might be less comfortable but they don’t hold on heat like a comfy, fluffy, cloth-covered mattress. So, go for the former type, stay cool and have a soothing summer.

Summing Up

Aren’t these aforementioned tricks smart enough?

Opt for these now and make your summer extremely comfortable. Be assured that you are not missing out even one among these tricks. If you follow all of them then you can make this sunny season an amazing one with the best of comfortability that you can ever think of.

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