Corn Allergy: Treatment & Prevention

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If you suffer from a corn allergy, it can be difficult to diagnose and may force you to eliminate many different foods from your diet that may be contaminated with corn or corn pollen.

Treatment of Corn Allergy

The most basic treatment of this allergy is to simply avoid any foods that could contain corn, corn pollen or corn extract, which is a very long list of foods, ranging from common salt, gluten, and beer to various sauces, marinades, and dips. Corn and high-fructose corn syrup are found in far more foods than most people realize, so treatment is closely linked to preventative behavior.

There are also more formal treatments for corn allergy, such as the use of homeopathic medicine and common antihistamines. If you feel the symptoms of your allergy beginning, you can quickly soothe them with allergy medication, such as Claritin or Fenistil.

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Prevention of Corn Allergy

Similar to the treatment approach, you can prevent this allergy by avoiding any potential triggers. While there are some long-term allergy treatments related to immunomodulation, this is a time-intensive and expensive process. The best way to prevent this allergy is to pay close attention to food labels and customize your diet to stay away from corn. In many cases, corn allergy is something that will fade or lessen over time, often disappearing as children get older. Protection Status
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