Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

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Watermelon may be the perfect summer treat, but if dogs eat watermelon, it may concern some pet owners. With that in mind, before you toss a piece of this delicious fruit to your pup, you should know a few things.

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

It is perfectly safe for dogs to eat watermelon, provided they don’t ingest too many of the seeds, as these could get blocked in their digestive tract causing a problem in digestion. However, other than the seeds, watermelon is basically a source of hydration and a number of other healthy nutrients and vitamins. [1]

Benefits of Watermelon for Dogs

There are a few benefits of watermelon for dogs, including keeping them hydrated, protecting their immune system, lowering blood pressure, and supporting growth and development.

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Regular Hydration

Watermelon is almost completely composed of water – more than 90%, which can help them increase hydration in both humans and dogs. In summer, when watermelon is consumed the most, replacing water loss is more important than ever. If you see your pooch panting, their tongue hanging out in the sun, giving them a piece of watermelon will help them cool off. [2]

Boosted Immune System

The high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C in watermelon can help protect your dog’s immune system, which is just as important as protecting your own. These vitamins can stimulate the production of white blood cells and improve the appearance and health of their skin. [3]

Balanced Blood Pressure

Watermelon has been linked to improving heart health in humans, but maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system is also critical for your canine pals. A slice or two of watermelon will help soothe their heart rate and lower blood pressure, and there is no fat or cholesterol, making it a very healthy snack! [4]

Growth & Development

Vitamin A has been connected to normal development in puppies, so even giving your young pooch watermelon can help them grow big and strong, while also treating them with a delicious snack from your plate!

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Rinds?

While it is safe for your pup to eat the watermelon fruit, it is not a good idea to toss them a full slice with the rind intact. This dense, fibrous rind can get stuck in the intestinal tract and cause a blockage for your pooch, making it more painful or even impossible for them to relieve themselves. While it is safe for humans to eat and digest this hard rind, it is far more dangerous for dogs and should be avoided. [5]

Can Dogs Eat Seedless Watermelon?

If anything, seedless watermelon is the safest form of watermelon for your dog. When dogs eat watermelon, it is difficult to control what parts they eat, so unless you remove the seeds from the watermelon, it can potentially clog your dog’s intestines and cause gastrointestinal distress. Therefore, if there is ever an option between seeded or seedless watermelon and you have a hungry pup that loves scraps, go with the seedless option. Protection Status
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