Dry Hair: Causes & Symptoms

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Dry hair is one of the general problems faced by millions of people in the world. There can be several reasons for this dryness of the hair.

What is Dry Hair?

Dry hair occurs when the hair lacks the oil (sebum) that is naturally produced by the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Without sufficient sebum, the hair follicles become dry and are more vulnerable to damage. Usually, people with dry skin also have dryness of hair as the skin of their scalp is also dry. Hair can also become dry due to certain practices like those explained below.



There can be several reasons that contribute to dry hair including:

  • Over-shampooing the hair
  • Swimming in pools with excessively chlorinated water
  • Excessive use of styling products like gels, hair sprays, and colors
  • Perming, blow drying or straightening the hair
  • Dandruff
  • Genetics and hormones
  • Certain medications and medical treatments
  • Bath water with a high amount of minerals
  • Exposing your hair to sun, wind, and extreme temperatures
  • Malnutrition


Hair can become dry due to many reasons or even a combination of them. Here are some signs to look for to diagnose that you have dry hair:

  • Snaps easily, no flexibility
  • Split ends
  • Rough texture
  • Dull, lusterless strands
  • Breakage
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