This Holiday Season: Eat Mindfully, Not Mindlessly

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Mindless eating is very much apparent during the holiday season. And whether you agree or not, this has been the case for many people, all over the globe. In fact, the main reason for the weight loss diet resolution for the new year’s is that people do not eat mindfully and keep munching over the holidays.

But who would you blame, right? We all concede that the holiday season is meant for eating, drinking, and having a good time. And it would be a total buzzkill if you arrive at a party and let everyone know that you are on a diet. So, instead of having a diet, why not try to be mindful?

What can you do to Eat mindfully?

To eat mindfully is a sustainable way of living. And here are some steps that you can do to execute a mindful way of eating this season.

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Select Your Foods Carefully

A 2018 research report published in the Scientific Reports journal suggests that people who eat mindfully experience fewer unhealthy food cravings. The study focused on an 8-week mindful eating intervention by individuals with unhealthy eating habits, which showed positive results at the end of the intervention. This exercise actually helped them overcome undesired eating habits. [1]

So what is the top three foods or dishes that you want to eat? Are chips and rolls included? How about that piece of cake? Is it the one that will truly satisfy your cravings?

Having these kinds of questions before you eat will help you become more mindful to the foods that you will consume. It will make you think first before mindlessly munching on tons of them. So, if you feel that you will want to eat endlessly at a party or in a celebration during the holidays, think of the top three foods that will make you feel satisfied. This will help you stick to the foods that you really want to eat.

Take a Game or Photos

When attending a party, no matter how small or big it is, you will surely munch on various dishes upon arriving there. And this is much more apparent when the party focuses on eating and drinking alone. Parties like this will definitely make you hungrier for foods that would be present.

So, if you don’t want to mindlessly consume all of these foods and drinks, take a game with you. It could be a simple game board or a party game that will add activities to the party. You may also want to take photos of the party.

Rethink the Holidays

Normally, people think that holidays are meant for eating, drinking, and having fun parties. And this is usually the reason why most individuals find it hard to focus on the right foods for them. As it happens, rethinking the ways of your holidays could turn things around for you.

Try to think that holidays are not only for eating and drinking. Think of it as a time to connect with your family and friends. Or you may think of it as a time to establish more ties. Or think of it as an opportunity to spend more quality time with your significant ones.

Through these kinds of thoughts, you will surely try to eat mindfully because you will be more focused on the essence of the holiday and not the food primarily.

Find Ways to Soothe and Comfort Yourself

Holidays can be both fun and stressful. And the latter will certainly make you eat foods mindlessly. So, before you munch on all the foods that are present in the table, you must find ways to make yourself comfortable. This will stop you from resorting to eating mindlessly as your comfort and soothing mechanism.

You could take a break from all the stressful scenarios. You may choose to have massage and spa sessions too. Or you may simply lie down and listen to your favorite jam.

Mindless Triggers

What are your trigger points to make you eat mindlessly? Is it when the food is near your seat? Or is it when there is a lot of stress and pressure surrounding you? Understand and learn what your mindless triggers are.

By knowing them, taking them into account, and finding solutions to them, you will certainly start to eat mindfully throughout the holiday season. A 2017 research study titled “Mindful Eating: The Art of Presence While You Eat” suggests that mindful eating also helps you savor the moment and the food, which helps to enhance the entire experience. [2]

All in all, the holiday season is a fun-filled and food-filled time of the year. And eating mindlessly is one of the common things that most people do during this time. So, if you want to change this and become more mindful of the foods that you will eat or of your way of eating, these simple steps will help you! Protection Status
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