Eye Floaters: Treatments & Home Remedies

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As people age, the presence of eye floaters becomes much more pronounced, which is why it is important to understand the origin, symptoms, treatments and potential risks of these strange shadows in our vision.

Treatments for Eye Floaters

Due to their harmless nature, and their relatively minor impact on your life, there are very few times when a doctor will recommend a treatment. Provided they don’t get significantly worse in a short period of time, people simply get used to the idea of occasionally seeing some shadows. That being said, if they do begin to impair your vision to a dangerous level, there are two formal treatment options to clear up the issue.


In serious cases, where the eye floaters begin to block your ability to see, laser therapy can be used to break up the larger clumps of these degraded fibers, preventing them from casting shadows on the retina. Unfortunately, this procedure does come with some risks of vision damage and is rarely recommended except for serious cases of eye floaters.


Another formal option for floaters is the complete removal of the vitreous humor, and its replacement with a synthetic solution to help the inner eye maintain its shape. This doesn’t completely eliminate the chances of eye floaters, but it can be very helpful for those whose vision has been impaired.

Home Remedies for Eye Floaters

For those who prefer to take the more natural route to their health, there are some home remedies for eye floaters, including the use of sunglasses, ginkgo biloba, certain eye exercises, a diet rich in antioxidants, more water, getting more sleep and cutting back on alcohol and cigarettes.

Use Sunglasses

Excessive UV radiation can cause stress on the eyes, resulting in a faster breakdown of the humor and an earlier onset of eye floaters. When exposed to the sun for a long period of time, it is best to wear sunglasses and give your eyes a break.

Eye Exercises

Activities like focusing exercises and general stress-relief strategies for your eyes can slow the progression of eye floaters. Rolling your eyes counter-clockwise 10 times, and then doing this in reverse, can relieve tension and stress in the eyes. Also, if you work on a screen, take regular breaks to relieve eye strain.

Avoid Alcohol

Research has linked alcohol consumption with a generally poor vision health, and a faster rate of macular degenerations. For this very reason, limiting your drinking to moderate levels is highly recommended.


Smoking is basically pouring toxins into the body, and some people believe that excess toxins will speed the degradation of the vitreous humor. To better your chances and lower your eye floaters, give up the habit!


Dehydration is often pointed to as a major reason for the rapid onset of eye floaters. Proper water intake lowers overall toxin levels, which have been linked to the occurrence of eye floaters.


If you are suffering from numerous of vision-impairing eye floaters, try increasing your antioxidant intake. These toxin-clearing compounds found in many foods will help stimulate proper function and regrowth of cells. They will also help in slowing the breakdown of the vitreous humor and protect you from other vision issues, such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

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