8 Surprising Home Remedies for Fever

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The home remedies for fever include the use of fenugreek, basil leaves, ice packs, raisins, ginger, steamed vegetables, honey, fresh fruits, and light food in different forms.

What is Fever?

Fever is defined as a higher body temperature than usual. There can be various reasons for fever, which can lead to diseases like pneumonia, malaria, or any other infection. Some of the symptoms can be fluctuation in body temperature, headache, irritation, weakness, and loss of appetite.

Normal body temperature usually is anywhere between 95-98 degrees. And when it seems to be more than that, it is termed as flu or fever. Fever can also be called the flu or cold.

Types of Fever

There are various types of fevers and some of them include:

  • Hay fever: This type of fever can affect anyone irrespective of the age since it’s caused by an allergic reaction.
  • Rheumatic fever: This type is common among kids between 5 to 15 years of age
  • Dengue fever: This type of fever is caused by mosquito bites and is most prevalent in the tropics and the subtropics
  • Other types: Hectic fever, remittent fever, continuous fever, relapsing fever are some of the other types of fevers

Causes of Fever

There can be many causes for fever and accordingly can result in dengue, malaria, chickenpox, smallpox, measles, and bacterial fever like tuberculosis or typhoid.

One needs to carefully examine if it is actually a fever or just a rise in body temperature. Often, high-energy activities like vigorous exercise can raise the body temperature for a while and mellow down in a few hours. At times, atmospheric change can also result in the rise in body temperature.


Usually, one can feel very irritated due to frequent fluctuation in body temperature. It makes one feel very restless and weak. The below-mentioned home remedies can help one get rid of fever within a few days. However, it is possible that it might not be cured if it is a symptom of some other disease.

Home Remedies for Fever

One can try any of the home remedies for curing fevers if the temperature does not return to normal within a few hours. However, if the fever is high or does not come under control within a day through the home remedies, consulting a doctor is recommended.

Water and Juices

One should drink as much water as possible because it helps to take care of the loss of fluids in your body and helps to lower the body temperature. Also, avoid eating solid foods or particularly heavy foods. In fact, one should consume plenty of fruit juices or any other fluids or liquids.

Cold Water Bath

Try and have a cold water bath or shower, since this will reduce the body temperature externally, thus leaving you more relaxed.

Basil Leaves

One can use basil leaves as well because it reduces the heat in the body. Just boil a handful of basil leaves in the water and drink it. One can also make use of honey to add taste and antioxidant benefits. Avoid using sugar in this mixture.



One can make use of turmeric powder as well. It is easily available and very beneficial too. Just add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of milk, boil it and drink before going to bed. It also helps relieve any colds and coughs.


Ginger is very effective in curing any kind of allergy or disease. Add some honey and lemon juice to ginger paste and have it on an empty stomach. It will be very effective and is recommended to be taken twice a day.

Mint Tea

Have mint tea twice a day. It will help keep the internal system cool and thus reduce body temperature. It also helps expel excess heat from the body.


Be sure to rest as much as possible, since it helps remove excess heat from the body. Keep yourself warm while sleeping. Sweating is also a good sign and it helps in lowering the temperature. If you sweat while sleeping, it means that your body is sweating out excess heat. One can eventually notice the fall in body temperature, due to sweating.

Ice Pack

Put an ice pack or just roll a few cubes of ice in a cloth and keep it on your forehead. It extracts heat from your body, thus leaving you cool and relaxed. Do not try this for children. For those younger people, you can use a cloth dipped in cold water and keep it on your forehead for a while, until the temperature lowers.

Things to Avoid

There are a few things that should be avoided by people suffering from fever:

  • Heavy food
  • Spicy and fried food
  • Heavy exercises
  • Taking antibiotics without consultation
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