Fisetin : The Solution To Anti-Aging

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After a certain age, the quest for eternal youth is something that pre-occupies the human mind and everyone wants to know what is the key to living a long and healthy life. The early signs of aging are easily seen on the skin and hair, in the form of fine lines, blemishes, wrinkles, hair fall, greying of hair and pigmentation. However, aging is not the result of just one factor. Its impact is seen and experienced even on a cellular level, which eventually has an adverse effect on the overall health. Researchers and medical practitioners are always on the lookout for anti-aging remedies. And this time, they have discovered the powerful anti-aging impact of a mystery organic compound- fisetin.

Fisetin: Natural Anti-Aging Cure

In a 2018 research conducted by the University of Minnesota Medical School faculty members, it was discovered that fisetin, present in many fruits and vegetables, has anti-aging properties. Researchers, Paul D. Robbins and Laura J. Niedernhofer, conducted a test on aged mice by administering them with a panel of flavonoid polyphenols. Of the 10 flavonoids tested, they noted that fisetin was the most potent one. In the study conducted, they found that fisetin has the potential to improve overall health and extend the lifespan by lessening the burden of damaged cells in the body, termed as senescent cells. While the study was conducted on mice, the researchers indicated that the same characteristics were relevant to human beings as well. [1]

Infographic showing foods that are rich in fisetin

Include these foods, rich in fisetin, in your regular diet. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

How Fisetin Impacts the Body

To put it simply, as a person starts to age, the damaged cells in the body start to accumulate. Age plays a very vital role here as the younger you are, the healthier is your immune system to manage and clear the damaged cells. The ability of a person’s immunity system to clear these damaged cells decreases with age, causing them to accumulate, swell up, and finally degrade the tissue. This can then give rise to fatal diseases such as cancer. Fisetin helps to reduce the burden of these damaged cells and improves the overall health and longevity of life. Thus, it is very important to include this essential flavonoid in your diet. [2]

How to Get Fisetin?

Fisetin is known for its health-promoting effects, including its role in the chemoprevention of cancer. This vital flavonoid is found in strawberries, cucumbers, grapes, apples, to name a few. So, let’s take a look at their properties in brief and the interesting ways to incorporate it into your daily diet. [3]


There’s indeed nothing like picking fresh fruit from your garden and transforming it into some wonderful recipes. This juicy fruit protects against brain degeneration and prevents serious neuro diseases like Alzheimer’s. You can either make delicious smoothies or jams using this fruit.


Apple, one of the most nutritious fruit, is known to improve lung capacity. You can give the fruit an interesting spin by using it to make delicious apple pies, sangrias, potato-apple pancakes, an apple cheddar fondue, a fruit salad, and so on.


Persimmons are red-brown or orange fruits that look quite similar to a tomato. They are usually available in two varieties: stringent and non-astringent, with the latter being sweet. It is known to improve digestion and is an effective anti-oxidant. You can make delicious jams out of it. Persimmon cheesecakes are also quite a delicacy.

Lotus roots

Lotus roots are woody, edible roots that are known for their crunchy texture and minimal sweet taste. The root is quite versatile in nature and can be braised, steamed, stir-fried or deep-fried. It prevents water retention and regulates blood pressure.


Onions can either be used as a vegetable in their own right or as a flavoring. This vegetable lowers bad cholesterol and triglyceride and dissolves blood clots. They can be boiled, grated, sautéed, roasted or fried.


Grapes are extremely nutritious and protect your heart. They have a mean glycemic index and glycemic load in the lower range and may provide health benefits to people with diabetes, according to a 2009 report in the Journal of Nutrition. [4]


A woman happily eating green salad

A healthy green salad bowl Photo Credit: Shutterstock

This vegetable, popularly used in salads, improves skin and hair health. Cucumber water is known for keeping your skin young and fresh. It also helps in preventing cancer. [5]


This seasonal fruit boosts the immune system and red blood cells. Furthermore, it clears the skin, promotes a healthy gut, and lowers bad cholesterol.
So, incorporate these fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and eat your way to a lovely and glowing skin! Protection Status
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