What is Foot Odor

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Foot odor is a commonly occurring problem among people, a condition commonly known as bromodosis. There is no denying that this could happen to any of us in varying severity.

What is Foot Odor?

If your feet are kept covered for a long time, they start stinking, which is called foot odor. This problem can occur even if you wear socks inside your shoes. Unwanted bacteria are responsible for causing foot odor. Inside the shoes, a warm, moist condition is created, which is quite cozy for the bacteria to grow.

If your foot is covered for a long time, then bacteria are able to develop easily due to the warmth and moisture, resulting in this condition. Therefore, one of the ways to deal with this problem is to keep your shoes and socks clean. There can be a few other reasons for the smell as well, such as hormonal troubles, extra stress, and medication side effects. Pregnant women and teenagers are especially prone to bromodosis.

Practicing and maintaining basic foot hygiene can also be of help. Regularly cutting and cleaning your nails, safely cleaning the dead skin off the soles, and washing your feet at least once a day and keeping them clean are some helpful practices. You can also switch to cotton socks, and change them every day. Ensure that your shoes have been properly dried since your last use, and they are fitting your feet properly.

Baking soda is commonly used to remove foot odor. Also, soaking the feet in some warm water along with tea bags will help you to eliminate it. You can steep your socks in water mixed with vinegar, which will reduce this. If you think that the odor has turned into a severe problem, then cleanse your feet with antibacterial soaps a few times a day, and consult your doctor.

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