Are tamarind seeds eaten?

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Tamarind is the pulp of the horny fruits of an evergreen tree plant growing rapidly up to about three meters high and leaves composite flowers cluster, yellow color and solid wood color reddish, fruits are horns and uses brown meaty meaty taste that encapsulates the seeds and while gathering fruits still peel Solid and then knead Vttkon blocks of brown color and may be confused with sugar to help save them and not corrupt, Tamarind is known by several names, including reds, Homer, Ardib and cacti.

Scientific Name: Tamarindus indica
The original home of Tamarind: It is said that the native of tropical Africa and known since ancient times in Egypt and India and spread to the islands of the Caribbean and to most parts of the world.

Active substances: Tamarind contains between 16-18% acids, including citric acid, tartaric acid and malic acid and astringent astringents and potassium citrate and mineral salts such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese, calcium, sodium, chlorine, etc., Tamarind contains vitamin B3 as well as volatile oils and the most important compounds Geranieal Recent studies have shown that tamarind contains antibiotics capable of exterminating many different bacterial strains, as well as its benefits as a laxative and antacid.

what the ancient medecine tells about it ?
Pharaohs are said to have been credited with introducing tamarind cultivation during the Middle Ages to the Mediterranean. Archaeologists have found some parts of tamarind in the tombs of the pharaohs. Europe has known tamarinds for the first time through the Arabs during the Middle Ages. Tamarind came in a Pharaonic prescription in the Ebers medical papyrus as part of a prescription to expel and kill worms in the abdomen.

The doctors of the ancient Persian marinated tamarind prescribed a drink to treat some stomach diseases and fevers arising therefrom and then Europe knew these therapeutic benefits through the Arabs who carried them with tamarind during the Islamic conquests.

Abu Tamer al-Razi said about tamarind: “Tamarind juicer cut thirst because it is soft cold.”

“Tamarind is good for vomiting and thirst in diets and grips the relaxed stomach from frequent vomiting,” Avicenna said. “It is easy to bile and drink from his cook near half a pound.”

Ibn al-Bitar said: “Tamarind Ajodh soft, which wilts breaks and irritated blood, laxative and benefit from vomiting and thirst and facilitates bile and liquefied bile benefit from diets and drink a quarter pounds.”

Said Dawood Antioch Tamarind: is the cactus, red and red, which is a tree like pomegranate and paper as pine leaves and not like kernel Shami and dates mentioned enveloped in love like Baklabh form and without volume, be in India and often the second region and realize the late spring, and the finest softest free of tannins, sincere pure acid From the fiber, which is cold in the second or third crusty in the first second, dwells flames, bile gallbladder, blood frenzy, vomiting, nausea and hot cracks, and we have no acid facilitates the other, which is of great benefit in hot diseases and love if cooking tumors coating coating and hot aches, it occurs And hurt the spleen and generates Sudd and forfeits poppy or Alexanajabin and Amrs with about pears, jujube and drank to ten suit in non-diarrhea Alzerhk and the pomegranate syrup.

موسوعة الاعشاب | فوائد التمر هندي

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