Coconut Oil Called 'Pure Poison' by Harvard Professor Karin Michels,...Please advise..

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I am like literally flabbergasted by the claims of the Harvard Prof Karin. Labeling coconut oil, or for that matter anything, as “”pure poison”” is just like eating a lot of pasta and saying that you’ve gained weight so you just dismiss the idea of having it. I have been having coconut oil for the past 5 years and there seems to be no negative effect to this valuable habit. A spoonful of extra virgin coconut oil in my morning coffee and my health is just as I want it to be.
One thing though, coconut oil does have a huge amount of saturated fats and that is why I always eat it in moderation; the upper limit is a tablespoon per day. And I make sure that the coconut oil you eat is the best quality.

Just remember three words if you want to turn this so-called poison into a nectar – 1 tablespoon/day, organic, and extra virgin!

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Answered on August 27, 2018 2:08 am
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