Does kiwi help to boost immunity? If yes, then how much do I eat?

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Kiwi strengthens immunity

The benefits of kiwi are many and varied. The most important benefits are that it increases the body’s own ability to defend the natural biological immunity in humans, it is one of the best natural immunomodulators, it also has a great taste and taste and helps in the process of digestion, which is also a strong and effective sexual tonic.

Kiwi’s original home
Historical studies indicate that China is the origin of this plant where it is known as the Yank Tao. It is still in its wild state in forests and valleys, especially around the mouth of the Yangtze River

Kiwi contents
According to the USDA, each kiwi contains the following nutritional information:
– Calories: 42
– Fat: 0.36
– Carbohydrates: 10.12
– Fiber: 2.1
– Sugar: 6.20
– Proteins: 0.79
Vitamin C: Each 100 grams contains 200 to 300 mg of vitamin C.

Kiwi benefits
Kiwi benefits are many, including:
• Resist tissue infections
• Get rid of the severe cold
• Increases the body’s own ability to natural biological defense means activation of immunity in humans
• Resist blood circulation disorders
• Activate nerve tissue cells
• Help anemia patients
• Help to activate the human physical general weakness
• It helps in the digestion process
• Laxative of the intestines
• it helps to lower blood cholesterol
• Fibers are good material for making paper
• The resin in its clusters is used extensively in the manufacture of rice straw, stencil paper, pigment and plastic
• Strong sexual tonic

Kiwi damage
In recent years the proportion of people who are sensitive to kiwi, especially young children, has risen, according to a study at the University of Southampton in London, found that the rate of two-thirds of children fell ill after eating kiwi fruit for the first time, compared with the rate of five adults.

Allergic symptoms range from mild itching and swelling of the mouth to life-threatening breathing difficulties, and protein shock sensitization found in 40% of children under the age of five years, if you have some symptoms of allergies from hay fever (Hay Fever), In late spring, or some sensitivity to peanut butter, milk and eggs, you are more likely to suffer from allergies to kiwifruit.

الكيوي يقوي المناعة | موسوعة الاعشاب

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Answered on September 26, 2019 7:16 pm
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