Does okra help with respiratory problems?

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The vitamin C content in okra is very helpful in fighting respiratory issues like asthma. Infact, I’d like to quote the conclusion of a study I referred to “the consumption of fruit rich in vitamin C, even at a low level of intake, may reduce wheezing symptoms in childhood, especially among already susceptible individuals.”

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Answered on September 26, 2019 5:02 am
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Therapeutic okra benefits in alternative medicine

Okra contains important nutrients, such as “cholesterol, carbohydrates, fats, protein, and also contains vitamins A, B1, B3, B6, C, K, and it gives the body many dietary fiber with folic acid, calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium and betacarotene” These elements provide the body with many health benefits, and we will learn about the great benefits in the following lines, according to the American website “Curejoy”.

Okra helps in weight loss
Okra contains soluble fiber, resulting in a feeling of satiety, and the loss of excess weight from the body.

Okra provides relatively fewer calories than calories found in regular diets, and eating a small amount of okra can satisfy the appetite, allowing a low-calorie diet and promoting weight loss.

Okra cleans and cleanses the colon
Okra is a very powerful antiseptic for the colon because it contains a large percentage of fiber and nutrients as these fibers help to digest healthy and work as a disinfectant for the intestines and colon.

Prevention of heart disease
Eating okra helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides, and promotes excretion of bile acids in the stool, which helps prevent heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Okra boosts kidney function
In a medical study conducted in 2005 showed that people who are keen to eat okra regularly are less likely to develop kidney disease and because diabetics are at risk of kidney disease, eating okra is very useful in reducing the risk of kidney disease.

Okra fights diabetes
The nutrients and natural fiber found in okra work to regulate blood sugar and are very useful for patients with high blood sugar because it slows the absorption of sugar.

Okra strengthens bones
Okra contains vitamin K, which helps strengthen bones, promote blood clotting, and reduce severe bleeding due to injury.

Improved vision and enhances immunity
Okra contains moderate levels of vitamin A, which helps to produce white blood cells, which strengthens the immune system, and vitamin A helps to strengthen eyesight.

Okra fights asthma
The medical study has also shown that the vitamin C in okra helps reduce the risk of asthma in children as well as in people at risk of infection, as it prevents many respiratory diseases in children and adults.

Okra is an amazing food for pregnant women
Okra is a strong supporter of healthy pregnancy as it contains a high percentage of folic acid, which is a very important natural compound for pregnant women and vitamins found in okra protects the fetus from some diseases such as cracking the spine and other as it helps to grow and maintain new cells and thus ensure healthy and healthy growth For the child.

Prevention of breast cancer
One study indicated that the nutrients contained in okra reduce the formation of breast cancer cells.

Okra promotes healthy skin
Okra contains vitamin C, which is one of the most important vitamins for skin health.Vitamins along with other nutrients found in okra help repair damaged body tissues and help the growth of tissues that are associated with collagen, so eating okra will help you maintain the freshness of your face and skin.

فوائد البامية العلاجية في الطب البديل | موسوعة الاعشاب

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Answered on September 26, 2019 7:48 pm
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