How do I go about getting this Chrysanthemum Tea?

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Chrysanthemum contains volatile oils (therefore it is advisable not to boil it when consuming it), antioxidants including flavonoids, flavonoids, carotene and vitamin B, and presenolide that works as an anti-migraine and headaches, and secoisteprin lactones that enhance the strength of the platelets and protect them from excess or damage.

The benefits of the chrysanthemum plant
– It is useful in treating migraines.
– It is useful in treating arthritis.
– It works as a relief for menstruation or menstrual pain.
– It is useful in treating the digestive system and stomach.
– It protects the growth of bacteria and combats germs and toxins in the body.
– Contributes to the expansion of blood vessels.
– It is useful for removing sweat odor.
– It is useful for washing skin and skin, and for healing wounds and bruises.
– It is useful in intestinal treatments and expelling worms from the stomach.
– Perfumes are made from leaves and have a strong aromatic scent.
– It is useful in treating oral infections.
– It is useful in treating insect stings by adding it to ointments or medicines, or by applying it directly to the wound.

And the pregnant woman warns against taking it because it enhances and stimulates the work of the uterus and can cause miscarriage, the nursing woman, in addition to those who suffer from ulcers in the mouth, and children under three years.

The boy pointed out that there is research that confirmed that the flowers of the ornamental plant, or chrysanthemums, contain anti-inflammatory materials, and that the extract of these flowers treats tired eye problems, especially those who long before the computer screen, and who are exposed to the burning sun, or eyes sensitive to air pollution.

This is done by pouring 500 ml of boiling water on 25 grams of yellow petals of flowers, then cover and leave for 10 minutes, then dip a sterile piece of fabric in the extract, and are used as dressings on the eyelids more than once a day, which helps to comfort the eyes and eliminate fatigue And fatigue, whether inflammation or flatulence.

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Answered on March 14, 2020 3:17 am
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Amazon is the most convenient place. You can also check for speciality tea stores near your place. Look for organic options to make sure that there are no impurities.

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Answered on August 24, 2019 9:04 am
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