How much hibiscus tea should I drink to lose weight?

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Scientific research has proven that hibiscus syrup lowers high blood pressure, increases blood circulation speed, strengthens the heartbeat and kills microbes, which makes it useful in treating diets, microbial infections and cholera epidemics, as it is acidic in nature and has its own properties that it is moisturizing and stimulating for digestion.

Also, the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, candy and soap factories started using colored materials extracted from hibiscus blossom in their products after chemical colors were excluded because of their harmful side effects.

It is used as a natural dye for the medicines, foods, and cosmetics that Eve uses every day, such as lipstick, cosmetics, hair shampoos, and bath soap.

We have talked about hibiscus in past episodes, but we are talking about it now to show its importance in relieving the pain of gout and rheumatism and it works from the hibiscus emulsion by grinding flowers of hibiscus as a moderate grind.

Taken from this crushed fill a teaspoon and placed in a glass cup and pour boiling water immediately and then stir well and cover and then drink after fifteen minutes and take two cups daily at a rate of one cup after breakfast and another after dinner. Note must not use hibiscus as patients with low blood pressure It basically lowers the pressure.

How to use
Hibiscus syrup is prepared as a tea, and it is drunk as well as tea, either hot or cold, boiled by staining and filtering, then adding sugar to it to sweeten it upon request.

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Answered on March 16, 2020 7:49 pm
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