How to tighten the flabby skin on my arms?

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EXERCISE is the only way to do it!! I tried looking for alternatives too because most of the time I don’t have time to work out and when I am free I am too lazy to do it. One of my fitness freak friend asked me to join his 7 days challenge. I initially only took this challenge to keep him happy but I started feeling great so I continued on. I’ve started doing push-ups as and I could see quite some changes in my arms. He has now told me that I am efficient with normal two-hand push-ups so, I should move to one-arm push-ups! Simultaneously I am also on little bit of diet. I’ve stopped eating junk food. I now know how much struggle it is to burn those calories, so now I prefer not consuming them. Although it requires a great determination and hard work, I am right on the path of self-development.

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Answered on June 6, 2018 10:40 am
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