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  • If I’m allergic to Timothy grass, can I eat barley grass juice powder in my smoothies? Or will I be allergic?

If I’m allergic to Timothy grass, can I eat barley grass juice powder in my smoothies? Or will I be allergic?

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Posted by Jelly
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Look up the advantages of consuming dates, daily, for the significant healthy benefits they provide. One of these is to increase your resistance to allergic reactions. They can be added to various foods and beverages to maintain a healthy intake of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial oils. They increase the amount of nutrients your body absorbs from other foods and from the dates themselves. While this answer is not specific to the question you asked, it might benefit you more than the barley grass juice powder you inquired about using. Just trying to offer a suggestion that may be helpful to you regardless of other products you may want to add to your daily food and beverage intake.

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Posted by Leaksalot
Answered on August 8, 2018 8:04 am
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I just landed up on this answer while searching something for allergies. I didn’t know dates are capable of increasing resistance to allergies. I suffer from ragweed allergy. Now, I will add dates to my regular diet. Hopefully, it works for me. Fingers crossed!

Btw, you have an interesting user name. haha…

( at August 9, 2018 10:42 pm)
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I have not seen a correlation between timothy grass and barley grass in terms of their family. However, if you suffer from general grass pollen allergy, then you should avoid coming in contact or consuming grass.

The best is to get tested if you are allergic to all types of grasses or just one odd grass. Ultimately, you’d have to avoid fruits and vegetables that have those components present in them.

It is always good to know your body better!

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Answered on August 10, 2018 2:24 am
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