What are the nutrition facts of carrot juice?

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1 cup of carrot juice contains 94.4 calories. Carrot juice has 21.9g of carbohydrates consisting of 1.9 g dietary fiber and 9.2g sugars. It has 2.2g protein, and 45133 IU vitamin A, 20.1mg vitamin C, 36.6mcg vitamin K, 23.4mg choline, and 2.7mg vitamin E. Its fat content is 0.4g, which consists of 21.2mg omega-3 fatty acids and 144 mg omega-6-fatty acids. It also contains 56.6mg calcium, 33.0mg magnesium, 99.1mg phosphorus, and 68.4mg sodium and 1.4mcg selenium.

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Answered on February 24, 2018 5:57 am
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