What are Freckles

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When you think freckles, you think innocence, being youthful, and…the sun. Babies don’t have freckles – these brown sunspots came at a later stage if you have been exposed to UV light and don’t have your sunscreen on. They usually fade when the sun exposure becomes less or seasons change, and come back after a trip to the beach in the summer!

What Are Freckles?

Freckles can be a result of overexposure to the sun. This disorder is generally observed among people with a fair complexion. The colors of the spots can be reddish, brown, yellow, or tan. There are many people who suffer from this problem in their childhood. An imbalance in hormones is also a possible reason for the unwanted skin problem.


In spite of the fact that freckles cannot be categorized as a severe health hazard, some people want to eliminate the embarrassment and always aim for perfect skin. For those people, it should be treated at the initial stage. You can easily treat freckles with natural remedies that have no unnecessary side effects. The easiest way is to avoid the sun and apply sunscreen regularly.

Are Freckles A Sign Of Cancer?

According to the National Cancer Institute (US), people with fair skin who are prone to freckling and whose skin does not tan easily are at a higher risk of skin cancer. Generally, it is safe not to be exposed to UV radiation or the sun without a proper sunscreen for long hours. It is recommended to do a skin cancer screening to be safe. While people having a fair complexion are at risk for nonmelanoma and melanoma skin cancer, people of all skin colors can get skin cancer.

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