10 Effective Home Remedies for Gallbladder Disorders

Some of the home remedies for gallbladder disorders include the use of fruit, oil, watercress, and chicory in different forms. Gallbladder disorders are a type of health condition that mainly manifests in severe pain. The pain starts mildly and soon turns into an unbearable ache that requires immediate treatment. Since it can attack a patient quite suddenly, the home remedies are very important. Food items that can clean the stomach are often considered to be the best remedy for gallbladder disorders. These foods include cucumber and beet, but the quantity should be limited. Carrot juice can also be helpful in treating gallbladder disorders. One can consume fruits like pears, apples, and oranges to keep the gallbladder pain and disorders at bay. Many people have also received benefits using sunflower oil and olive oil for their gallbladder problems. Another helpful herb is chicory, as all parts of this particular plant have therapeutic effects.

Types of Gallbladder Disorders

There are a number of different types of gallbladder disorders, including gallstones, cholecystitis, and infection of the gallbladder, according to Medline Plus. The gallstones happen to be the most common of all gallbladder disorders. The stones can form because of cholesterol, bile, or excess calcium.

Commonly, patients with this particular disease are women above the age of forty years and obese individuals. Weight reduction with the help of crash dieting can also cause gallstones, which manifests in severe abdominal pain and nausea, among other symptoms. Cholecystitis is the medical name for inflammation of the gallbladder. Carrboro Acupuncture Clinic says that it can give rise to additional troubles like gas formation, indigestion, and constipation. Stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and hereditary reasons can also create different gallbladder disorders

Home Remedies for Gallbladder Disorders

Though there are different types of medications to treat gallbladder disorders, these effective home remedies can provide a complete solution without any unwanted side effects.

Fresh Juice

Freshly extracted juices from different vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, or beets can help in cleaning the gallbladder, which is an effective method of stopping the formation of gallstones. Patients should take any of these juices or a combination of them at least twice a day in a quantity of 100 ml.


Some of the natural oils in unrefined and pure condition can work effectively on gallbladder disorders. Oils extracted from olives or sunflowers are helpful in treating this problem. One should consume 30 ml of these oils daily.gallbladderdisorders



Consuming fruits can be of real help when you are concerned with keeping away gallbladder disorders. Eat fruits either in solid or juice form but they need to be eaten regularly by the ailing person, as this treatment can dissolve the stones slowly. Citrus fruits and apples make particularly excellent home remedies for this ailment.

Watercress and Dandelion Juice

Watercress and dandelion are reported to have healing effects on gallbladder disorders. It is even better if the patient can consume at least 125 ml of both types of juices on a daily basis.


Chicory seeds, flowers, and roots are rich in elements that can improve gallbladder conditions. A mixture of all the three parts of the tree in an amount of about 60 ml should be taken three times a day. If you drink chicory juice regularly, it will prevent liver and gallbladder malfunctions.

Lemon and Grapefruit Juice

About 120 ml of lemon juice or grapefruit juice is taken daily will quickly improve the condition of an ailing gallbladder. You can also drink 4 spoonfuls of fresh lemon juice early in the morning for a week to see an improvement in the condition.



Apart from vegetable juices, you can also consume vegetables in cooked or raw form, as these are good for the health of your gallbladder.


If a patient is experiencing severe pain in the abdomen because of gallbladder disorders, fasting for two days can lessen the severity of the problem. Patients can consume nothing except water during these fasting days and after that, the prescribed diet is juice from different vegetables and fruits.


According to recent research, coffee has been identified as an important aid to keep gallbladder disorders from developing.


Scientific studies revealed that drinking just half a glass of beer or wine can reduce the risk of gallbladder problem up to 40%, especially for women. However, a larger quantity is harmful, rather than helpful, for treating gallbladder problems.

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