8 Best Benefits of Hops Essential Oil

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Some of the most important health benefits of hops essential oil include its ability to relieve pain and reduce anxiety, assist in sexual performance, reduce respiratory distress, improve the health of your hair, calm gastrointestinal issues, relieve headaches, soothe menstrual pains, and boost the health and appearance of the skin.

Hops Essential Oil

Although hops are mostly famous throughout the world for flavoring beers from Belgium to Boston, the essential oil that can be extracted from hops is also an extremely valuable commodity offered by this plant. Hops are very healthy, which is why there are certain health benefits to beer, but for the most potent consumption of the oils and crucial nutrients of hops, beer doesn’t quite match up the essential oil itself. Hops essential oil is used extensively in aromatherapy, and seems to perform most effectively when diffused throughout a room. However, as this essential oil is quite powerful, it is important to monitor your reactions to it, as it can also cause irritation in large quantities. [1]

Although native to China, hops essential oil is now extensively available throughout the world. The color of the oil itself is pale yellow and the aroma is rich, dry, and slightly spicy, with hints of floral notes as well. Aside from the essential oil itself, hops can also be used in powdered form, steeped for tea, and a variety of other preparations to get their health benefits. However, the pleasant and potent nature of the essential oil has made it a favorite of aromatherapy practitioners around the globe for its wealth of associated health benefits, many of which are outlined in greater detail below. [2]

Hops essential oil in a bottle along with hops pods in a mortar

Hops oil is most often used as a source for pain relief. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Health Benefits of Hops Essential Oil

Reduces Pain

One of the most common applications of hops essential oil is an an analgesic substance. Hops essential oil can provide general sedative qualities, which is why people who suffer from chronic pain of all varieties have turned to hops essential oil in the past. This general sedative quality for which hops essential oil is famous is also why it is commonly used by people suffering from anxiety and mood swings, as it can help to settle stormy minds and calm the body [3]

Treats Insomnia

Those same sedative qualities make hops essential oil the perfect addition to a treatment for insomnia or sleeplessness. Hops essential oil can be diffused while sleeping and enhance the depth and quality of your slumber so you wake feeling refreshed and energized. [4]

Improves Sexual Performance

For generations, hops essential oil has been used by men to enhance their sexual performance, and more particularly, to extend it. This is a common treatment for premature ejaculation, as it soothes the body and makes certain vital elements less sensitive to sexual stimulation. [5]

Reduces Menstrual Cramps

For women, hops essential oil has been linked to a reduction in menstrual pain and cramping, which can be quite severe. Again, the sedative qualities that loosen the muscles and reduce pain are the main reason for this useful application of the essential oil. [6]

Reduces Respiratory Issues

While inflammation and irritation are the most common reasons for respiratory distress, using aromatherapy with hops essential oil can help to soothe those irritated parts of your respiratory tract and reduce inflammation, thereby reducing coughing and congestion. [7]

Hair Care

When used in combination with other natural oils on the hair, hops essential oil can improve the sheen and strength of the hair thanks to its potent volatile components that interact with hair follicles and natural oils to improve the appearance and health of your hair. [8]

Skin Care

Similarly, hops essential oil is known as a natural remedy for psoriasis and skin irritation. The calming nature of hops essential oil functions as an anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent to protect your skin from any possible infections or irritants. [9]

Eliminates Headaches

Perhaps the most important and effective application of hops essential oil is for tension and headaches. The relaxing effects of this essential oil can loosen even the tightest muscles in your shoulders and neck, while also easing your anxiety and calming your mind, allowing for peaceful, headache-free days following a night of aromatic diffusion. [10]

A Final Word of Warning

One of the important warnings for this oil is not to use it if you are already suffering from deep depression. The sedative quality can often exacerbate that mood and emotional direction, which could be dangerous. Furthermore, as this volatile compound is unusually strong for an essential oil, be wary of using hops essential oil if your skin is particularly sensitive or prone to breakouts.

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