4 Amazing Herbs for Menopause

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Menopause becomes a part of every woman’s life as they age. It is a normal phenomenon that marks the end of their reproductive period. Just after a woman stops menstruating, she goes through several bodily changes. According to a scientific study, it is shown that 80% of the women experience hot flashes and night sweats as common symptoms of menopause.

Herbs for Menopause

Let us now take a look at this comprehensive list of herbs for menopause. [1]


Ginseng is considered as one of the best herb for menopause. It eases stress and supports vitality as menopause interrupts your sleep by giving you hot flashes. Ginseng herb is used to boost your immune system and helps you to achieve a peaceful state of mind. It aims at improving your mood by increasing the neurotransmitters and helps you in leading a healthy lifecycle. For sleep issues, the dose recommended is between 750mg to 2gm per day. A point to note here is that women with high blood pressure should not take the ginseng herb. Besides, ginseng herbs should be consumed with food as it can lead to nausea when eaten on an empty stomach. [2]

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Black Cohosh

Among all the herbs for menopause, Black Cohosh relieves you from menopause symptoms most naturally. Not only menopause symptoms, it also cures period pains and painful childbirth. This herb effectively treats hot flashes and thereby reduces the chances of anxiety and depression. This herb is not found in any of the food products. Try to take 80mg of it for one or two times in a day. It is also seen that if you overdose, then you might suffer from side effects such as nausea, constipation, weight problems, and more. [3]


When it comes to relieving menopausal discomforts, there are many herbs. Soy extracts are an effective way of reducing a broad range of symptoms that are caused due to menopause. Soy, being rich in Isoflavones, supplies estrogen to the body, thereby relieving the symptoms such as poor memory and tiredness. Try to consume supplements that are made from soya beans. They are completely safe.


This herb for menopause can reduce the frequency of hot flashes. According to Study of Women Health Across the Nation (SWAN), it is stated that 64% of the women experience hot flashes. Daily consumption of Lindens sage leaf 500gm tablets helps in the decrease of menopausal symptoms. There are many dietary supplements available made from sage leaves. It is highly rich in essential oil and thus helps to improve your memory too.

Word of Warning

When a woman suffers from menopause, she undergoes several lifestyle changes. Do not forget to consult your doctor if these herbal remedies don’t work and the symptoms are very severe. Also, try to avoid caffeine when suffering from any of the menopausal symptoms. These herbs for menopause can serve best when combined with regular yoga and meditation.

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