7 Surprising Home Remedies for Amyloidosis

Some of the most effective home remedies for amyloidosis include the use of resveratrol, germanium, and low-salt foods, as well as lifestyle changes like rest, dietary balance, fruit, high-fiber foods, and omega-3s.

What is Amyloidosis?

This condition is not only rare, but also very unique, but it unfortunately has no cure, nor any definitive cause. Basically, someone suffering from amyloidosis is unable to properly produce and process proteins in the body. The body accumulates incorrectly folded proteins, which means that the body can’t undo them, nor dissolve them in water, nor recombine them in appropriate or functional ways. As these proteins are distributed throughout the body in their essentially useless form, the specific organ systems and tissues where they are deposited will manifest the symptoms or problems independently. For this reason, there is no definite symptom package for amyloidosis, as every part of the body treats the “amyloids” (inappropriately folded proteins) in different ways.

Some of the most common places that are attacked by amyloidosis are the kidneys, heart, and nervous system, but they can also occur in the digestive tract, the skin, face, eyes, tongue, and a number of other locations in the body. These amyloids disrupt normal function of those systems and organs, sometimes resulting in fatal complications or causing secondary conditions or illnesses due to their negative impact on the system. There are more than a dozen varieties of amyloidosis, so getting an appropriate diagnosis is key, which requires a tissue biopsy. There are no known cures, and even home remedies are rather limited. The best approach is to treat the secondary symptoms and illnesses, keeping the organ systems as strong as possible, while defending against protein malfunctions and deficiencies as much as possible with more standardized, pharmacy-grade treatment.


Home Remedies for Amyloidosis

Red Wine

The early findings in this regard as still inconclusive, but some members of the medical community that have researched amyloidosis have found that the resveratrol, most popularly found in red wine, has some preventative measures against the development and severity of amyloidosis. While resveratrol is considered an allergen to some, it also has many positive health benefits, some of which are as yet unexplained. Its relationship to amyloidosis is similarly uncertain, but the early connections are certainly encouraging, so perhaps adding an extra glass of red wine or two to your weekly intake is a good idea.


Germanium is a chemical found in germanium plants and other compounds, and early studies have similarly shown a positive preventative effect on amyloidosis and its effects throughout the body. Although these early results have yet to be studied in greater detail or challenged with a wider body of research, this is one of the few successful developments in terms of alternative treatments of preventative measures for amyloidosis.

Low-Salt Diet

If your doctor thinks that it is a good idea given your other health factors, a low-salt diet has been linked to a slower spread and reduced severity of amyloidosis throughout the body. However, given the delicate nature of your system when amyloidosis is acting on your body, it is essential to monitor your diet carefully and thoroughly discuss any dietary changes with your health specialist.


This may seem like an obvious remedy, but the strain that amyloidosis puts on your body is intense. Your organ systems must work extra hard just to maintain normal function and proper care, so excessive stress on top of this large workload can exacerbate the condition and cause a faster breakdown of organ and tissue function. You may need to consider major lifestyle changes if you want to slow the condition once you’ve been diagnosed; it could literally add years to your life.

High-Fiber Foods

Considering that the digestive tract is one of the main targets of improperly folded protein deposition, the gastrointestinal system of amyloidosis patients is particularly fragile and prone to damage. Therefore, ensuring that you have a diet high in fiber is essential, because it can facilitate smoother passage and function of the bowels, and also improve nutrient uptake from foods you eat. Anything you can do to boost your bowel health is important, and a high fiber diet should be at the top of that list.

Fruits and Vegetables

The high nutrient concentration in fruits and vegetables, particularly those compounds that are beneficial for heart health, like potassium, are important for the prevention and home treatment of amyloidosis. The heart is one of the other prime targets for amyloids, which means that protecting your heart health is crucial if you want to avoid serious complications. Fruits and vegetables, particularly bananas, pineapples, papayas, oranges, spinach, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes, are all great additions to your diet to protect the health of your heart.


These are also essential dietary elements when suffering from amyloidosis. Commonly found in many types of meat, these beneficial fatty acids, particularly the type found in fish oil, can significantly protect your heart and vascular system, ensuring that your circulatory system remains healthy and functioning properly, while also reducing the chances of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, which can quicken the complications of amyloidosis in the cardiovascular system. Ad d these to your diet to maximize heart health as much as possible, given the amyloids already threatening it.

A Final Word of Warning: Amyloidosis is one of the terrible, inexplicable diseases of our species, and while we have plenty of ideas on its cause, it is still an unsolved mystery. These home remedies are meant as preventative methods or treatments, but not cures. Proper medical attention is essential if you wish to live a longer, happier life with this condition.

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