10 Effective Home Remedies for Bedwetting

Some of the home remedies for bedwetting include walnuts, raisins, a healthy diet, cranberry juice, bananas, parsley leaves, cinnamon bark, herbal tea, avoiding sweets, meat, chocolate, preserved food items, liquid, training, and positive reinforcement.

What is Bed-wetting?

Bed-wetting is an involuntary act of urinating unknowingly. It causes embarrassment in individuals, but proper eating habits and avoiding liquids before sleeping, along with other treatment measures can completely cure the habit.

Bed-wetting, nighttime incontinence, or Nocturnal Enuresis is the act of involuntary urination while the individual is asleep. It is a habit-related disorder and is a cause of embarrassment to both parents as well as children when they grow up. A report from Mehta Childcare says that at the age of 5, 20% of children wet their bed at night, out of which 15% are able to learn and achieve control over the disorder within a year. This condition most commonly affects children, but there are other cases of adults suffering from bed-wetting as well.

bedwettingMedical disorders like anemia, urinary tract infections, diabetes, and constipation may cause bed-wetting. Genetic factors, abnormalities of the spinal cord, defects in urinary bladders, and deep sleep can also be responsible for this condition or event.

The main cause that seems to be most common is the immaturity of the urinary system of children. That is why there is no voluntary control over the act of micturition, causing the release of urine abruptly. Or it may also be possible that the bladder of the child is too small to hold the urine within it and is therefore expelled unknowingly.

Bed-wetting can be categorized into two types. The primary form of bed-wetting is the one in which the child urinates almost every night, while with secondary bed-wetting, the act of urinating is random and occurs rarely.

Even female adults suffer from the bed-wetting habits as researched by the Egyptian urology Association. They have found out that an overactive bladder is often responsible for bladder dysfunctions.

Symptoms of Bed-wetting

The prominent symptoms of bed-wetting include the following:

Unintentional and uncontrolled wetting

Urination is accompanied by burning sensations

Dripping in and staining of the underpants

Urine is cloudy and reddish in appearance

During the daytime, bed-wetting also may occur

Home Remedies for Bed-wetting

Some home remedies that can effectively help in curbing bed-wetting are as follows:

Walnuts and Raisins

It has been observed that eating a walnut and few raisins before going to bed may prevent bed-wetting.

Healthy Diet

A diet rich in leafy vegetables and fiber is considered to be better for bed-wetting patients. Nutrients in the form of almonds, milk, and sesame can be taken, which are rich in magnesium, calcium, and silica.

Cranberry Juice

Prior to sleeping, cranberry juice can be acquired, which prevents the passage of urine at night.


These are considered to bind to the stomach and have been used to prevent bed-wetting at night. A banana at night before sleep can relieve you from urinating.

bedwettinginfoParsley and Cinnamon Bark

Chewing a few leaves of parsley or a small piece of cinnamon bark are also some of the preventive measures that are easy to follow.

Herbal Tea

A concoction made up of horsetail, bearberry, and oak bark is a well known ayurvedic practice that prevents the flow of urine while sleeping.

Avoid Sweets, Meat, Chocolates and Artificial Additives

It is advised not to consume sweets, meat, chocolate, and other preserved food items.

Avoid Liquid

Liquids in any form should be avoided before going to bed, which otherwise increases the occurrence of urination.


Kids are too small to be scolded for what they do unintentionally. Therefore, they must be taught in a constructive, healthy way as to how to retain their urine for a longer time. Training can be challenging, but it will be rewarding for both you and your children.

Positive Reinforcement

Children may become embarrassed and ashamed of this process. In such situations, parents play a major role in supporting the mental state of the children. They need to make them understand that enuresis is a natural phenomenon, not a mistake to be upset about. They should encourage the child to wake up in the middle of the night for micturition. Parents should also take care of the diet and drinking habits of the kids before sleeping.

The most important parameter at this period of time is surely the patience with which parents treat their children. If harsh and rude attitudes are shown towards the child, he or she may never be able to come out of the problem, or it will at least be delayed considerably. They need constant training and must be treated with care. Once the child grows up, he will be able to overcome the habit of bed-wetting with these simple home remedies, or perhaps the natural maturation process of the body.

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