8 Best Treatments & Home Remedies for Beriberi

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The treatments and home remedies for beriberi or beri beri include thiamine pills and shots, consumption of brown rice, legumes, rice bran, milk, whole grain brown bread, a generally healthy diet, avoiding fish, and drinking water after meals.

Beri beri is a Vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency condition which affects almost all physiological functions like the nervous system, heart, vasculature, and liver. Extreme cases may lead to paralysis, the degeneration of nerves, and coma. Treatments are very simple and can completely eliminate the initial symptoms. However, in most cases, thiamine capsules and medical advice should also be turned to for help.

Treatments & Home Remedies for Beriberi

Medical Treatments

For the treatment of beriberi, doctors generally prescribe thiamine shots or pills. The intake of vitamin B1 pills prove to be highly advantageous and are observed to lend relief to the patient within a short span of time.

Except for in extreme cases, a proper diet comprising of more thiamine than needed must be supplied while the body is in the recovering state. This diet includes brown rice, legumes, milk, and much more. Excess thiamine is never harmful to the body as it is a water-soluble vitamin and can be expelled easily. We have discussed them in detail below:

Brown Rice

Brown or husked rice is considered to be the best source of thiamine, and therefore should be made a part of our regular diet. Try avoiding polished or dehusked rice as they lack vitamin B1. A healthy diet that is rich in rice can always help you prevent beriberi.


Rice Bran

This is the best-known remedy for beriberi and has been practiced for hundreds of years. Rice is boiled in an excess of water and the water containing the rice extract is drained and collected in a vessel. This water is drinkable and has significant quantities of vitamin B1.


Most of the legumes, seeds, and nuts contain thiamine in their outer covering. These can be used frequently, if not regularly.


Milk is a rich source of vitamins and other mineral nutrients and should be consumed on regular basis.

Whole Grain Brown Bread

Grains that contain the outer layer of grains are very rich in thiamine. Feeding individuals with thiamine-rich brown bread can also contribute to the overall vitamin content in the body.

Healthy Diet

A balanced and proper diet consists of raw fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This not only provides you with vitamin B1, but also all of the other essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

Home Remedies for beriberi - infographic


Alagau is a herb found only in the Phillippines and has been found to be effective in treating this thiamine deficiency disease.

Preventions for Beriberi

  • Avoid Drinking After Meals: Vitamin B1, being a water-soluble compound, tends to get drained out of the body if excess liquid is drunk after meals.
  • Avoid Fish: Shellfish, clams, mussels, shrimps, and raw tissue of animals contains an enzyme thiaminase which causes a breakdown of thiamine. Therefore, consumption of fish must be avoided in order to retain the existing vitamin B1 in the body.

While any other complications involving the cardiac and nervous system require the help of medical practitioners and a diagnosis, as soon as possible.

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