6 Effective Home Remedies of Paget’s Disease

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Some of the home remedies for Paget’s Disease include adding calcium-rich foods to your diet, spending time in the sun, exercising, losing weight, increasing your intake of vitamin D, remaining flexible, and avoiding high-impact activities.

What is Paget’s Disease?

Paget’s Disease is a terrible affliction that affects millions of people around the world. It is basically a malformation of bone growth, leading to weakness, easily fractured bones, deformations, and lack of function in joints and bones. This can be caused by two things, either genetics or a slow-developing virus that may be present in the body for many years before actually demonstrating any symptoms. In the past, Paget’s disease has been associated with measles, but in reality, the associated viral infection for Paget’s disease is more like a paramyxovirus. The disease also rarely affects anyone under the age of 55, but your lifestyle through your youth and early adulthood is still important to consider.

The abnormal bone architecture can affect people in different ways, and unlike other bone conditions, like osteoporosis, Paget’s disease is not a systemic disease, meaning that it does not affect the entire body. Paget’s is mainly present in clusters of bones or just a few scattered through the body. These might be extended, resulting in failing joints and an inability for that bone to properly function. There are a number of medical procedures and medications that can potentially be useful for healing or minimizing the effects of Paget’s disease, including medications like calcitonin and bisphosphonates. However, there are also a number of things that can be done at home to reduce the effects, or even prevent the onset of Paget’s disease. Let’s explore some of these home remedies in more detail below.


Home Remedies of Paget’s Disease

Home Remedies for Paget’s Disease are as follows:

Calcium Intake

Increasing the amount of calcium that you are consuming can be a major preventative measure for Paget’s disease, or at least a way to minimize the impact of the disease on your body. Calcium is an essential mineral involved in building strong bones and what Paget’s disease can often do is weaken bones and make them prone to fracture because they are already abnormally long. By ensuring that your bones are strong through calcium, you have a reduced chance of fractures and subsequent deformed growth. Drinking milk is one easy and delicious way to do it!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the second essential nutrient associated with Paget’s disease. Vitamin D can be acquired in two ways, the first of which is through vitamin D supplementation or dietary sources. There are few dietary sources, but they include mushrooms, lichens, high-fat fish varieties, eggs, and beef liver. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium in the intestines, and as mentioned above, calcium is essential for preventing or managing Paget’s disease.


The second and easier way for humans to increase their Vitamin D levels is through being exposed to sunlight, since the human body can actually synthesize vitamin D from sunlight on the skin! Therefore, if you want avoid or treat Paget’s disease, don’t be afraid to catch some rays!


Light exercise and flexibility practice is very important when it comes to avoiding Paget’s disease. Exercise can keep your muscles and joints in shape, which makes it more difficult for Paget’s disease to set in or begin deforming additional bone growth. Keeping the body active and flexible will help avoid other associated conditions that people often develop when they have Paget’s, including osteoporosis and arthritis.

High-impact Activity

Avoid any and all high-impact activities, as your bones are far more likely to fracture if you suffer from Paget’s disease.  Even exercising like outdoor running can be dangerous for the impact it has on your bones. Avoid trips and falls, instally handrails in your bathroom, and wear non-slip socks. Once a bone is broken, it may grow back in a malformed way due to the disease, so it is essential that you protect yourself from any chance of trauma or fracture.

Weight Loss

Going on a diet, or making a concerted effort to shed a few extra pounds is a good home remedy for Paget’s. Extra weight on the body can put unnecessary pressure on the bones and joints because they are quite literally carrying around extra weight and doing more work. By losing weight, you reduce the stress on the bones and joints, thereby protecting from making the symptoms any worse, or leaving the body vulnerable to a deformation from Paget’s disease.


A Word of Caution

Many of these home remedies can be done in conjunction with medical treatments and supplements, even with surgery. There is NO cure for Paget’s disease, but these are helpful lifestyle and dietary techniques. Be sure to visit a doctor, explain your intentions for home remedies and allow him to consider what combinations of traditional and medical techniques will be an ideal program of healing for you.

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