How Your Clothes Can Heal You On Bad Days

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There are some days during which nothing seems to be going our way. From the moment we wake up, one thing leads to another and none of them is good. These days are what we call bad days. Let me give you a simple illustration of a typical bad day: You wake up late at 7 am when you’re supposed to get to work at 8 am prompt. The shower stops working halfway, probably because your flatmates have finished up the water. All these were happening while you were still half-asleep.

You don’t like going to work on an empty stomach so you make your way to the kitchen, hoping that your cereal has not finished. After opening your cupboard, you realize that your cereal is in fact, finished and you forgot to get a new one yesterday as you’d planned. Resigned to taking your poorly made coffee and a few slices of toast, you go about making coffee. Then just after you’ve poured yourself a cup, your phone rings and you rush to pick it up thinking its Freddy, the hot guy who asked for your number two days ago but hasn’t called since and you end up spilling coffee on yourself. Then, you answer the call, only to realize that it’s actually a sales rep of some toothpaste company on the phone.

After cleaning up, you realize you only have thirty more minutes. So, you rush back in to see if you still have any clean office wear. You don’t. You might have to wear that suit with the coffee stains on your lapels which will make you self-conscious all day, trying to make sure that no one sees it. Everything is just not working out today. This is the typical way a bad day starts and continues. Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little, but on a bad day, it feels like everything in the world is against you. You’re clumsy, easy to startle and surly. You’re also much less productive.

How Your Clothes Can Help

So, how do you stay positive when everything seems to be falling apart and nothing is going your way? And more importantly, what exactly can your clothes do to make you feel better and heal on bad days? There are a couple of ways that your clothes can heal you on a bad day. Let’s discuss these options!

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Your clothes have an effect on your thinking

Research by a team of psychologists from California State University and Colombia University has revealed that the clothes we wear can influence the way we think. The research revealed that wearing formal or professional clothes makes people think abstractedly. Professional dressing creates a social distance which makes people’s thinking processes more abstract. In other words, it increases creativity by allowing people to think outside the box or less conventionally. These positive effects manifest through the feelings of power we experience when we dress smartly. And there is also the fact that you feel more confident when sharing your ideas, especially if you’re dressed smartly and formally.

Your clothes influence the way people address you

There is nothing worse than having someone speak to you rudely on your bad day. You may pretend not to feel bad, but the words will make you feel worse. So why not dress exceptionally? You’ve probably heard the proverb, “the way you’re dressed is the way you will be addressed.” You’re probably wondering if this is true or not. If you’ve not already confirmed it yet, let me give you a little illustration. When you think of CEOs, you think of someone dressed in a fitted suit with a really expensive watch and loafers, and hair styled professionally. If you see a young man with a punk hairstyle, some weird t-shirt, and sagging sweatpants, your impression of him may not be so good and you would be very reluctant to accept it if you hear that he’s the CEO of any company.

What’s my point? Everything about the way you dress makes a statement to the people who come across you. It also dictates their first impression of you. When you’re having a bad day, you don’t have to dress the way you feel. When you’re depressed is the best time to dress to the nines and look your best because it makes you feel more confident and people will also address you with respect.

Your clothing can also cheer you up or make things better

Instead of drowning your depression with ice cream or alcohol on a bad day, why not dress up and go out. If it’s a work day, wear your best suit that makes you feel more confident and better. Apart from the pleasant compliments from people who think you look good, your clothes will also make you feel better. You can also wear that great dress you have at the back of your closet and go to a club somewhere alone or with your friends. If they don’t cheer you up, dancing to music and a little drinking will also help.

Two professors from the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago did a little research to check the significance of the symbolic value and emotional attachments we give to clothes, in order to demonstrate the way clothing and costume affect us. They conducted the study with two sets of people wearing the same white coat. Two groups were told that the coats belonged to a doctor and a painter respectively. The group with the lab coat belonging to a doctor paid better attention while the other group didn’t.

There are some clothes you wear that make you feel bad usually because something bad or negative happened while you were wearing them. It could be that you were told that a relative died while you were wearing those clothes or you lost a job wearing those clothes. There are also some other clothes or accessories that we see as our good luck charm. When you wear that necklace with your dead parent’s picture, you feel secure as though that parent is watching over you and protecting you. This is proof that wearing clothes with positive symbolism can make you feel better.

Your clothes can help you handle criticism better

A study revealed that a person who is dressed formally can handle criticism much better. Imagine, you’re at work and your boss calls you to his office to criticize the way you did something or handled something. This research reveals that; formally dressed employees can process this criticism better in a less personal way.

Your clothing can empower you

You remember when you were a child and that Superman shirt made you feel as though you could conquer the world. You felt powerful in those clothes, that shoe with the lights on it and it gave you the confidence to walk into a playground and introduce yourself to that girl sitting in the swing. The same goes for adults. There are clothes, accessories or even shoes in your closet that make you feel powerful. It could be that bag you wore to win your first case in court. It could be those five-inch shoes that add to your height and make you feel sexy. These clothes can make you feel better on a bad day.

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Buying clothes (shopping) can make you feel better

On a bad day, going to a store to get a new gown or shirt can make you feel better. It could be something you’ve been eyeing for a long time; a bad day is the best time to get it. There are many ways that shopping can make you feel better.


It takes your mind off what is bothering you or the events of your bad day. And when I say shopping, I don’t mean a shopping frenzy, I mean looking around and searching carefully for those clothes, underwear or accessories that you actually need.

It makes you feel like you’re in control. While shopping for new clothes, you are in control. You can decide to walk out of a shop if you don’t see what you want. You can go around the shop and check out all they have for sale. The clerks may be able to give suggestions or their opinion but you’re the one calling the shots. On a day you’re feeling frustrated, feeling in control should make you feel better.


Anyone can have bad days. However, it is possible for you to conquer a bad day by wearing the right clothes. It may seem a little strange and impossible, but it is possible for what you wear to boost your mood and make you feel better.

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