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“Maybe it’s You!”

That’s not just a phrase Lauren Handel Zander lives by but makes her clients swear by too! Lauren Handel Zander is the co-founder and chairwoman of Handel Group, an international corporate consulting and life coaching company. Her coaching takes a no-nonsense approach, showing her clients that only they themselves are responsible for their situations, unlike other coaches who offer you a sympathetic ear. Her coaching technique, The Handel Method is taught at over 35 Universities across the globe including MIT, Stanford Graduate School of Business, NYU, and the New York City public school system. She is also the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life.

Lauren Handel Zander smiling at the camera

Lauren Handel Zander, co-founder & chairwoman of Handel Group, an international corporate consulting & life coaching company. Photo Credit: Lauren Handel Zander

About 20 years ago, Lauren started her coaching business out of her bedroom when she realized that no one is really teaching people how to live a life worth living. Lauren realized, “We are all so busy just reacting to life, reading seven hundred books we’re going to forget, getting into college, paying off college, and achieving all of our goals that we’re not really designing our dream life at all. We’re so much greater and more capable than this, except we’re not breaking into our lives and discovering our real voice, our real truth, and our real ability to live a life we care so much more about than the one we’re seemingly stuck in.”

Lauren has achieved various highs in life such as presenting her coaching method on TEDx Women’s Conference in Amsterdam and leading seminars for big names like the World Bank, the US Department of Justice for Judges, Leading Age and more. But there are some successes in life which cannot be highlighted – it can only be felt and remembered. For Lauren, it was her experience coaching a professor at MIT, who then was so inspired and moved by the Handle Group methodology that he applied it at MIT. Since he was a key member of MIT’s core curriculum taskforce, he went on to rethink and redesign it. A year later, the professor and Lauren were teaching a three-day pilot course to fifteen students based on The Handel Method. Apart from this, she also recollects another achievement. She says, “I’d have to say is the creation of my digital coaching course, Inner.U., which fulfills my own dream of making coaching accessible to everyone, helping to heal the planet, one human at a time.”

She feels obliged that her dream of teaching people real-life education is being realized across various universities and institutes. “I consider it my job to point out every last thing that stands in a person’s way of living true to their highest ideals for themselves with honesty, compassion, and a sense of humor. And not just point, figuratively tie my leg to theirs until we reach the finish line: their dreams realized,” says Lauren.

Cover for the book 'Maybe It's You' by Lauren Handel Zander

Cover for the book ‘Maybe It’s You’ by Lauren Handel Zander. Photo Credit: Lauren Zander

About Lauren Handel Zander

Lauren Handel Zander is the co-founder, chairwoman and Master Coach of Handel Group. She has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of private and corporate clients, including executives at Vogue, BASF, and AOL. Lauren has been a featured expert in the big brands including BBC, Forbes, New York Times, Dr. Oz, MindBodyGreen, Women’s Health, and Marie Claire to name a few. She is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Business Week. She is the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life. [1] Protection Status
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