Liquid Magnesium: Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

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Liquid magnesium is an unusual supplement that has an impressive range of potential health benefits.

What is Liquid Magnesium?

Liquid Magnesium is a supplement version of this important mineral. Magnesium is essential for good physical health. It aids the body’s metabolism, processing carbohydrates, and fats so that they can be converted into energy. It regulates hormones, prevents magnesium deficiency, controls the transportation of ions in the body and plays a key role in the formation of DNA.

The body also uses magnesium to produce powerful antioxidants that help fight off disease. It is thought that liquid magnesium may be better absorbed by the body than tablet form, and using the liquid form is easier than swallowing pills.

You are at greater risk of magnesium deficiency if you are elderly, diabetic or have an alcohol dependency.

Liquid Magnesium is a supplement version of this important mineral.

Benefits of Liquid Magnesium

There are a number of benefits to adding liquid magnesium to your daily or weekly health regimen.

Supporting Bone Health

According to Robert A. DiSilvestro, Handbook of Minerals as Nutritional Supplements, magnesium is a component of hydroxyapatite, a mineral complex found in bones that makes them resilient. It is thought that a magnesium deficiency can change the make-up of hydroxyapatite, which therefore makes the bones weaker and could lead to osteoporosis and other bone-related issues.

Fighting Depression

Magnesium affects the production of serotonin – a chemical essential for brain health and considered key in for mental health and happiness. Research by George A. Eby III et al.,  magnesium deficiency can decrease the levels of serotonin in the brain, and it is therefore important for mental health that the body gets enough of this mineral.

Maintaining Heart Health

A sufficient supply of magnesium is important for the regulation of cholesterol and the support of a healthy cardiovascular system. Magnesium is sometimes injected in a medical setting to regulate the heartbeat after a cardiac arrest or heart attack. Dr. Jay S. Cohen in his book suggests that use of magnesium may help control high blood pressure.

Supporting the Digestive System

Magnesium aids healthy stool movement and neutralizes stomach acid, and is sometimes used as a complementary treatment for acid reflux. According to a study by Evelyn D. Spanner MSc and Alison M. Duncan, Ph.D., published in the Journal of Renal Nutrition, adding magnesium to your diet can improve the function of your digestive system, particularly if you have suffered some sort of gastrointestinal injury or disease.

Skin Healing

Magnesium is used by some people to treat skin conditions such as boils and ulcers. It is considered to aid the healing of wounds and is used as a compress to treat infections. Research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition suggests that the inclusion of magnesium in the diet as a means to prevent skin wrinkling.


It is important not to take more than the recommended dosage of 350 milligrams daily, as liquid magnesium could be detrimental to the body in large amounts. Measure your intake of liquid magnesium carefully, as it is more difficult to regulate than tablet form.

Side Effects

Avoid excess intake of liquid magnesium as that may cause many health issues. Possible side effects of liquid magnesium include the following.

  • Stomach upset
  • Nausea
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Excessively low blood pressure
  • Kidney damage
  • Irregular heartbeat and potentially even death

It is not recommended to supplement liquid magnesium if you have any kidney related illnesses or issues. Protection Status
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