What is Malbec Wine

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Malbec is a dark red or violet wine, that is favorite around the world. But did you know that it may actually be good for you as well if consumed in moderation?

What is Malbec Wine?

Malbec is an intense red wine made from the malbec variety of grapes, which was, until recently, used as a blend with other wines. Most commonly presumed a South American wine, it is now produced in other areas of the world as well. However, modern wine drinkers have come to appreciate its fruity flavors and easy drinkability, along with the lower price tag. It is full-bodied and typically dry, but with heavy berry notes, and should be served just a few degrees below room temperature. [1]

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Malbec is a full-bodied and acidic, deep purple-red wine. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Nutrition Facts

A 5 oz pour of this red wine has roughly 122 calories and 4 grams of carbs, along with a wide variety of antioxidants and active ingredients that provide a number of health benefits. [2]

Health Benefits

Malbec grapes have a particularly thick skin, which means they have a large amount of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that plants produce to fight off stress. Resveratrol helps regenerate damaged cells and prevents cardiovascular disease as well as other neurodegenerative problems. This wine generally has more antioxidants than other red wines. More specifically, it has twice as many as cabernet and four times as many as a Merlot. New studies show that resveratrol found in Malbec wine may actually slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s and dementia. [3] [4]

Moderate red wine consumption might help in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. However, further studies are required to establish this connection. The debate between the risks and benefits of alcohol drinking simmers on and moderation is key. Alcoholism and binge drinking is detrimental to overall health and can undo any possible good things that moderate amounts can impart. [5] [6]


Malbec pairs well with lean meats and dark poultry, as well as certain sharp cheeses.

Malbec vs. Merlot vs. Cabernet

  • Malbec grapes are small and ripen early. They are sharp and tangy.
  • Merlot grapes also mature early and have higher sugar and alcohol content. Merlot is full-bodied and smooth.
  • Cabernet grapes mature much later. Cabernet wine is also aged longer, making it more mellow and easier to drink.

Adverse Risks Associated With Alcohol Consumption: The risks involved with drinking excessive alcohol can be short term such as violence and injuries to long-term health risks such as chronic diseases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who should not drink alcohol include women who are pregnant, individuals younger than 21 years of age, and people who are recovering from alcoholism or cannot control the amount they drink. Also, it should be avoided by people who are planning to drive or any other activity that required focus and skill. However, different countries have different rules on alcohol purchase and consumption. [7]

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