6 Best Meditation Apps for Mindfulness

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For many, the idea of taking out time to practice meditation may sound unattainable. But if you are dealing with moments of loss of clarity, you are already practicing the modus operandi of modern meditation. Syncing into your body’s thoughts and emotions not only helps you become more aware but gives you the opportunity to deal with them. A research study in the JMIR Cancer journal suggests that patients perceive free meditation apps as enjoyable and effective in eliminating stress. Moreover, they help you track your physical health by prompting journal entries on a daily or weekly basis. This creates a healthy habit for working professionals and also students who have other commitments. [1]

Whilst we are in the middle of a global pandemic, trying not to lose our calm, we scoured the app stores to curate the most valuable and user-friendly apps that are available for free. Few on the list are free while the rest include a version with an in-app purchase option to upgrade to premium content.

What Are The Best Meditation Apps?

The best free meditation apps are like icing on a big cake. They help you beat anxiety and negative thoughts whilst maintaining social distancing. Read along and know more in detail with our comprehensive list.

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In this AI app, Aura’s three-minute introductory meditation classes are the beginning. You level up by achieving daily goals as you move toward becoming more focused and mindful. For anyone who needs a quick way to calm down their nerves, soothe their anxiety before a flight takes off, or get jolted out of a panic attack, Aura may be a good choice.

Cost: Premium membership – $12 monthly, $60 annually, or $400 for a lifetime purchase

Available for download on iOS and Android [2] [3]


Learn how to sleep better and get rid of stress in just five minutes per day with Breethe. It has guided meditation series, inspirational talks, and master lessons from mindfulness coach Lynne Goldberg. The app’s sleep playlists, nature sounds, and bedtime stories teach you how to have a calm and peaceful slumber.

Cost: Free with optional in-app purchases option

Available for download on iOS and Android [4] [5]


Buddhify app adds a little Buddhification to your everyday life with its solid meditation sessions. The app focuses on what you are doing and applies meditation to make the task easier. What sets this app apart is its focus on mobile and on-the-go meditation sessions. It is a distinct way to introduce meditation into daily circumstances: during a work break, while you are out with a friend, when you can’t sleep, or when you are trying to divert your mind from negative thoughts.

Cost: $30 annually

Available for download on iOS and Android [6] [7]


Just like its name, Calm is a stairway to peace and tranquility. Once you launch the app,  you enter into a calm-zone or enter a meditation session specific to what you are experiencing: stress, anxiety, a need to let go of negativity, etc. Furthermore, there is a library of soothing nature sounds and scenes, and sleep stories – with the courtesy of Matthew McConaughey.

Cost: $70 annually and a beginner’s seven-day free trial period

Available for download on iOS and Android [8] [9]


Headspace is designed to help you train your mind and body for a healthier, happier life and make the most out of your day. The free version includes exercises and meditations led by Headspace Co-founder Andy Puddicombe that teaches you the fundamentals of meditation. The app also offers sleep music and pleasant sounds which help you fall asleep.

Cost: $13 monthly with a week’s free trial, or $70 annually with a fortnightly free trial

Available for download on iOS and Android [10] [11]


Sattva descends from its Vedic theories of meditation. It features chants, meditations, and mantras by Sanskrit gurus. It comprises simple, real, and meaningful meditations allowing users to set goals and follow through them. You can also keep a track of your progress with a mood journal and skim through collections and music playlists customized to make your sessions more enjoyable.

Cost: Free with optional in-app purchase option

Available for download on iOS and Android [12] [13]

What Makes Meditation Apps Unique?

Meditation apps for anxiety are a great proxy to mindfulness practice as they help you revive and rejuvenate. During a pandemic or otherwise, meditation apps are one of the best ways to help you look after your mental health. At a time when technology feeds into a panic, we use our devices to consume information and that affects how we feel day-to-day, particularly when self-isolating. So while you are caved indoors, take advantage and use the time to harness technology for a good cause. There are a variety of meditation apps for kids as well to ensure their mental well-being is on-par along with yours.

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