5 Natural Products That Can Make Skin Protection Simple

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With the increase in demand for organic and natural skincare products surging, it makes sense that, as consumers, we want to know what is exactly in the bottles, jars, and tubs that sit in our makeup bags and bathroom cupboards.

Brands are now responding to the demand and the choice of organic skincare products currently available has soared in previous years as companies all jump aboard the latest craze. According to the Soil Association, which is the UK’s leading organic certification body, the organic wellbeing and beauty sector grew 13% in the past year. Yet, only a very small percentage of these products are actually natural or organically or sustainably farmed. The beauty world can be a scary place sometimes, but natural beauty products don’t need to be. [1]

Top Natural Skincare Products

So, if you have been considering changing over to a more natural and organic beauty regime, then here are 5 of the best natural products which will help to make everyday skin protection simple.

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Citrus ingredients are key to a great skincare routine. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Cream

All of Herbivore’s products are all-natural and their Instagram-perfect packaging makes the buying experience feel all that more magical. Don’t let the paired back packaging fool you, though, as this brand certainly means business when it comes to the ingredients in their products.

The Pink Cloud Rosewater cream is completely free of synthetics and is packed full of effective and good-for-you natural ingredients, such as Rose Water, Kakui Oil, Aloe Water, and White Tea Extract. The lightweight formula is absorbed in just seconds and doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy.

Balm Balm Organic Coconut Cleanser

Perfectly suited for all skin types, the Balm Balm Coconut cleanser is incredibly gentle and is made from just one ingredient – coconut oils! The simple ingredient list means that it is suitable for even the most delicate of skin and is even perfect for removing stubborn eye makeup.

Balm Balm cleanser is made from fractionated coconut oil, which is a process that involves extracting the oil from virgin coconut butter without any use of chemicals and which then results in an incredibly light oil that is easily removed with water. Use with a muslin cloth and warm water for a deep cleansing effect, or simply use a damp cotton flannel nightly for quick makeup removal.

Voya Moonlight Moments Bath And Shower Oil

It is winter after all, so what better way to relax than with a luxurious bath? The Voya Moonlights Moments bath and shower oil offer a deeply soothing scent of lavender and rose geranium which will help settle not only the body but the mind too. Taken from the centuries-old tradition, this bath oil also comes blended with Irish seaweed which is used as a nod to seaweed bathing that VOYA have managed to encapsulate within a bottle. It truly smells as good as it sounds and you are sure to have the perfect night’s sleep after relaxing in the tub.

AXIOLOGY Vegan Lipstick

No makeup bag is complete without a good lipstick. The AXIOLOGY lipstick collection has numerous vibrant and unique shades, all made with nourishing and organic ingredients. In a world where everyday items, such as lipstick, shouldn’t come with hugely damaging effects, AXIOLOGY work to create products made from the purest ingredients available. Their lipsticks don’t use any ingredients which could harm animals or their habitats and are a beautifully chic and conscious company.

Bjork and Berries Recovery Face Oil

The skincare scene is absolutely brimming with facial oils, all of which have a claim to save skin and provide it with glowy goodness. However, not all of these oils are natural and contain ingredients which shouldn’t actually come into contact with delicate face skin.

Bjork and Berries have created the ultimate concoction of ingredients which are sure to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Their recovery face oil is made up of a botanical blend of organic birch leaf extract, organic jojoba seed oils, and borage which all work to infuse dry skin with more intense hydration and provide nourishment from within.

This oil immediately improves your skin’s overall texture and adds an instant glow and suppleness. It is fast absorbing and has a non-greasy finish. Simply use 1-2 drops on their own or underneath your moisturizer all over your face or on dry patches.

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