Ozonated Water Benefits & Side Effects

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Ozonated water is a unique combination of gas and water that is being extensively studied for its potential health benefits.

Ozonated Water

Ozone is a type of gas with one more atom in its molecule than water – O3 rather than 02. It is well known for making up a large percentage of the earth’s stratosphere: the ozone layer. Alone, ozone gas is unstable and potentially harmful, but when mixed with water, this gas may have therapeutic properties.

Ozonated water is also free of parasites, bacteria, and chemicals, and is used by some people in place of chlorinated water. Research is currently underway to scientifically determine the effects of this specialized water on the human body. Although the potential health benefits are huge, it is important to consume ozonated water with care and discretion. Ozonated water is usually made at home and must be drunk within a few hours of production before the ozone gas evaporates if you want it to have any effects.

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Ozonated water is used topically as a healing and antibacterial/antifungal agent. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Potential Benefits

Fights Disease

Ozone gas kills pathogens in the body – viruses, bacteria, and fungi – making it a good friend in the fight to stay healthy. It also is believed to boost the immune system’s response time and efficacy. [1]

Anticancer Properties

It is believed that drinking ozone water can prevent cancer cells from spreading, and may even kill some types of cancer cells. According to a research study conducted by Dr. Velio Bocci, published in Medical Gas Research, the use of ozonated water may be extremely beneficial when used in the proper concentrations. However, further research is required to find out the positive impact of ozone water in the area of cancer. [2]

Breaks Down Harmful Chemicals

It is thought that ozonated water can help break down dangerous, synthetic chemicals in the body, turning them into smaller molecules that are less detrimental to health and can be more readily processed out of the body. [3]

Reduces Inflammation

Recent research discovered that ozonated water helps reduce inflammation in mice. It appeared to help the body develop antioxidants that could help to prevent chronic disease. Studies on the effects of this substance on humans are ongoing. [4]

Side Effects and Potential Risks

The body needs antioxidants and oxidants. It is widely established that ozone is suitable as an oxidant for the body. It is important to create a balance of both in the body. With too many oxidants in the body, rather than only killing off the pathogens, may also destroy healthy cells and create an environment where diseases can flourish. Some are concerned that drinking ozonated water might accelerate aging and acidify the body, despite some of the positive claims that this type of water can actually reduce cancer risk.

When making ozonated water or undergoing an ozonated water treatment, it is important to ensure that the area is well ventilated. If ozone gas is released into the air in concentrated amounts, this can badly damage the lung tissue and cause side effects of chest and throat pain, shortness of breath, stinging eyes and coughing. Although the potential health benefits are plentiful, for these reasons, we suggest caution when working with ozonated water. [5]

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