How to Peel and Grate Ginger

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Learning how to peel and grate ginger is very important for anyone who regularly adds this tangy and nutrient-dense spice to their meals. However, given ginger’s unusual exterior, many people struggle to peel and grate their ginger root.

How to Peel and Grate Ginger?

Before you grate your ginger, you need to start by peeling it. If you are dealing with fresh ginger, then you can use a spoon to remove the thin layer of skin. Simply drag the spoon, curved side down, across the flesh of the ginger, pressing down with your thumb for pressure. If the ginger has been previously cut or has been stored for a week or two, you will likely need a paring knife for peeling. If you are an expert peeler, you can attempt to keep the knobs or bulbs on the root in place, but it is much easier to grate the ginger once these knobs have been cut off.

peel and grate ginger

Now that your ginger is peeled, you can grate it with a cheese grater, or you can slice it up into smaller pieces – matchsticks, julienne etc.. Since ginger is so fibrous, you may require a more coarse grater to make a dent in the ginger root. Grate directly into the dish you are preparing, or into a small bowl for later use.

If you are storing freshly grated ginger, it is best to make teaspoon-sized chunks of the ginger and then freeze them until you need to include them in a recipe! Protection Status
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