Snapping Hip Syndrome: Causes & Symptoms

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If you hear an audible click when you walk, get up from a seating position, or swing your leg around, you may be suffering from snapping hip syndrome.

What is Snapping Hip Syndrome?

As the name implies, snapping hip syndrome is characterized by a snapping or popping sound in your hip when it is extended or flexed. For this reason, it is often called dancer’s hip, as intense exertion on the tendons and bands in the legs can cause this uncomfortable and downright painful condition.

Our legs are able to move in such controlled and impressive ways due to the long bands of muscle and tendon that we possess; more specifically, the snapping of the iliotibial band and iliopsoas tendon, or labral tears in our legs can lead to the development of snapping hip syndrome. Essentially, these tendons no longer fit neatly in their sockets or have lost the tension they need to function properly.

There are two types of snapping hip syndrome:

  • Inter-articular
  • Extra-articular

These two conditions are slightly different and affect different tendons within the leg and hip.


While athletes and dancers are exceptionally vulnerable, repeated bending at the hip may cause the development of this syndrome.

Exercising while suffering from this syndrome can actually do serious damage if you aren’t careful, and a snapping sound in your body every time you flex your hip isn’t exactly comforting.


All varieties of snapping hip syndrome can cause inflammation, pain, and cartilage damage if not remedied. Protection Status
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