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If you’ve ever woken up to an unexpected pain in your neck, preventing you from turning your head without experiencing sharp, aching pain, then you’ve experienced the true misery of a stiff neck. At one point or another, everyone will get a stiff neck, but the reason for your suffering could be many different things.

What is Stiff Neck?

A stiff neck is essentially a muscle strain, normally in the levator scapula muscle. Due to its close connection to a number of nerve centers, and its proximity to the spine, this ‘pulled’ muscle can be very painful. The causes of this condition range from a sports injury or poor posture to excessive texting and using a wrong sleeping pillow. Any unusual or repetitive movement of the neck can cause this muscle to become inflamed, generating everything from regional pain to headaches and immobility.

While physical activity is also important for keeping healthy, rigorous physical activity or wrong movements could also cause this condition. Sticking to proper form while working out or doing physical activity is important and can be key to avoiding any sort of injuries, including to the neck.

The position in which you sleep at night could also play a significant role in causing or avoiding neck pain. Choosing the right pillow and the appropriate sleeping position for you can lead to pain-free mornings. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the quality of sleep could also lead to this condition.

There are many ways to treat a stiff neck, including most normal anti-inflammatory remedies and even gentle stretches which will help you relax the muscles and increase mobility. But ideally, you would be able to prevent this condition before they ever occur. However, if the condition lasts for more than a few days or the pain persists, it is best to contact a medical practitioner.

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