Top 16 Herbs For Health & Healing

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Most people think of herbs as a garnish or as a flavor booster for foods. For instance, fresh basil can lift the taste of a simple Margherita pizza and rosemary can become the star of a chicken casserole. But herbs are not just taste-enhancers. They are superfoods that help digest the dish they are added to, aid the heart to function in a much better way, and improve overall health. They are nature’s medicines for a variety of health conditions.

Top Herbs For Health

The top healthiest herbs include basil, chamomile, parsley, echinacea, feverfew, lavender, among others. Let us look at the list of herbs that can help you boost your health.


Basil is a medicinal herb, which offers relief from problems associated with digestion. It is also extremely effective for curing respiratory ailments such as bronchitis. Due to the presence of vitamin C and numerous antioxidants, basil leaves help alleviate stress and regulate blood pressure. As a detoxifier, basil aids in reducing uric acid levels in the body and prevents the formation of kidney stones. Holy basil or tulsi, a variety of basil native to India has strong antibacterial properties. It can also protect the teeth and prevent plaque buildup. [1]


A close-up shot of fresh chamomile flowers

The phenolic compounds present in chamomile flowers combat several infections. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile can be used to treat skin conditions like eczema. A cup of warm chamomile tea can help women get relief from menstrual pain, bloating, and insomnia. The phenolic compounds present in the herb combats several infections as it boosts the immune system. If the individual is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), then chamomile tea can certainly be helpful.


Echinacea can serve as a pain reliever if the pain is associated with gonorrhea, measles, sore throat, herpes, and tonsillitis. The herb has the capability of speeding up wound healing. It can also be used for skin infections, psoriasis, arthropod bites, and snake bites. Moreover, the herb serves as a natural remedy for children suffering from ADHD. The immune-boosting effects of the herb help offer relief from issues pertaining to the respiratory system.


Feverfew is an ancient herb that helps reduce the occurrence of migraines. Regular consumption of the herb can also relieve inflammation due to arthritis. If a person is suffering from cancer, then the compound, parthenolide, in feverfew can kill cells that may be the cause for colorectal cancer. The compound in feverfew helps to increase the production of platelets and reduces the chances of blood clots. [2]


Lavender oil, extracted from lavender flowers, is effective for urinary disorders. If a person is suffering from alopecia, he can get rid of the problem by applying lavender oil regularly. According to researchers, lavender oil aromatherapy can help enhance blood circulation and regulate blood pressure. Since the oil aids in producing bile and gastric juices, it can help treat indigestion, flatulence, vomiting, and diarrhea. [3]

Lemon Balm

With its powerful anti-depressant effects, lemon balm can improve mood, calm the mind, and reduce anxiety. Do you suffer from restlessness while sleeping? You can use lemon balm as one of the remedies. As the herb helps keep blood sugar levels under control, it can increase insulin sensitivity and help treat type 2 diabetes. For people suffering from herpes, the volatile oil in lemon balm can work towards inhibiting the replication of the virus. [4]


You might have observed bright orange marigolds in gardens! The extract from the herb can help treat sunburns, warts, blisters, and dry skin. A few drops of the marigold extract can help get rid of a cough, fever, or a sore throat. This herb also works wonders if you have a severe eye infection, conjunctivitis, or eye inflammation. Due to its antifungal properties, the extract can treat jock itch, bacterial ear infection, and vaginal infection. [5]


Since parsley is rich in flavonoid antioxidants, the herb protects the cells which otherwise may get damaged due to free radicals. If you drink parsley lemon water regularly, the diuretic effect helps clean the kidneys and treat infections associated with the bladder and the urinary tract. Besides, juice prepared from parsley can help give instant relief from edema, bloating, or any condition that may arise due to a mineral imbalance.

A bunch of parsley against a dark background

Parsley contains antioxidants that prevent damage caused by free radicals. Photo Credit: Shutterstock


Extract from peppermint leaves can inhibit histamine release and thereby treat rhinitis. As compared to conventional treatments, topical treatment with peppermint oil can reduce pain associated with shingles. The fragrance of the peppermint leaves enhances alertness along with memory. Peppermint may protect DNA from getting damaged whenever the person is exposed to radiation.


You would surely be impressed with the health benefits ginger offers. The herb aids in treating nausea and helps fight fungal infections. Moreover, ginger helps heal ulcers in the stomach. The active compound, 6-gingerol is known to inhibit cancer growth. A ginger supplement can help reduce blood sugar levels to a certain extent.


Due to its anti-irritant properties, cayenne is known for getting rid of ulcers, sore throat, diarrhea, and spasmodic cough. The herb also helps maintain oral health through the stimulation of saliva which is important for digestion. It also promotes fibrinolytic activity which helps in reducing the chances of arteriosclerosis.


Loaded with minerals and antioxidants, chickweed can help improve the health of your skin. Regardless of how you use the herb, the anti-inflammatory compounds help gain quick relief from irritable bowel syndrome or osteoarthritis. Intake of chickweed tea helps control calorie intake by suppressing appetite. So reach out for this tea if you are looking to lose weight!


The extract from dandelion is rich in calcium, which is required to improve bone health. Since the herb has vitamin C and luteolin, it helps protect the liver against toxins and prevents hemorrhaging. As the herb stimulates the production of insulin, it is quite beneficial for people who have diabetes. The phytochemicals in the dandelion root also help reduce the growth of toxic cells and therefore, lower the risk of colorectal cancer. [6] [7]


Garlic helps reduce blood pressure and mitigate the risk of heart diseases. With a number of antioxidants, the herb can prevent the likelihood of getting affected due to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, garlic could help people live longer as it supports the immune system to fight infectious diseases.


Marshmallow is yet another herb that is recognized for its health benefits. The concoction of the herb can help treat problems like a dry cough. If you apply the leaves directly on the skin, it is a remedy for skin burn. The salicylic acid,  present in the leaves, aids in treating headaches and muscle pain.


Fresh rosemary herbs on a wooden tray

Fresh rosemary herbs help in reducing oxidative stress and preventing tissue damage. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Rosemary helps in promoting hair growth and getting rid of dandruff. As a cognitive stimulant, the herb improves memory and helps to focus better on day-to-day tasks. Carnosic acid, in rosemary, protects the nervous system by reducing oxidative stress and tissue damage such as ischemic injury. [8]

These herbs help boost health and it’s best to use them in cooking or in teas. Also, we would love to hear from you if you have used other herbs and they have benefitted you! Protection Status
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