Watermelon Allergy: Treatments

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If you have a watermelon allergy, you might need to pass on one of the summer’s favorite sweet treats. It is also important to understand possible symptoms and treatment strategies if you do suffer from this particular food allergy.

Treatment of Watermelon Allergy

The best ways to treat a watermelon allergy include speaking with a doctor, avoiding contact with watermelon (and related fruits), and boosting your intake of vitamin C to strengthen your immune system.

Doctor: Consulting with a doctor will allow you to get the tests you need and determine precisely how to move forward in handling this allergy.

Contact: Avoiding contact with watermelon and watermelon products is an obvious first step, but you may also need to avoid related fruits, such as honeydew or cucumber, which share some of the same possible triggers.

So to say, people who suffer from watermelon allergy may also be allergic to the ragweed pollen. For treatment, consult a doctor as you may also experience symptoms of anaphylaxis.

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