10 Ways to Stop Being Lazy About Your Health

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Many people care little about their health, instead, they live a life of instant gratification where junk food, little sleep, and no exercise dominate, regardless of the effect that these eating habits and sedentary lifestyle have on their health. This is why many people find themselves with different sorts of diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases, obesity and even sickness and frailty in their old age.

However, if you want to take care of your health to get stronger, lose weight or better yet, lower the odds of your disease, you will need to learn how to stop being lazy about your health and take control of your lifestyle.

How? Well, here are 10 ways you can get rid of your lazy attitude to your health:

Take Stock of Your Health Status

This involves knowing where you stand, health-wise; that is, what is your current health status? It is not just about weight and waist measurements, it’s about doing blood tests and testing for other health complications as well as your health condition including high blood pressure. Once you know your health status, you’ll be able to proceed with planning for taking care of your health.

Two women planking at the seashore

Even an entire hour of crunches won’t match the body benefits of a 10-minute plank workout. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Find the Right Exercise or Activity

You need to choose the right activity that makes you happy and which is also beneficial to your health. Exercising is not just about fitness or losing weight and if you depend on going to the gym regularly, even though you hate the gym, you’re not likely to remain consistent. This is why you should choose an activity that makes you comfortable or which makes it easier for you to manage your health. For example, if you hate bodyweight training, there’s a high likelihood that you will not be consistent in your training, which is why you should explore other activities like running or hiking.

Devise an Eating Plan

You have to devise an eating or dieting plan that works for you. Choose a realistic plan, don’t choose one where you starve yourself in the hopes of seeing immediate results. Rather, create a long-term eating plan that you can discipline yourself to follow. You also need to ensure your eating plan contains a transitional period where you slowly wean yourself off unhealthy meals that you love.

Stop Taking Shortcuts

One of the things that mainly cause set back on your health plan is taking shortcuts. For example, when you’re trying to lose weight, following a diet plan or taking an herbal concoction which will supposedly help you lose weight in a month is a way of taking a shortcut. Of course, it seems like a good idea at first, especially when it’s working. But later on, it could lead to relapse because based on that dieting plans, you’ve been forced to restrict yourself from certain foods that are already part of your eating habits. Eventually, cravings will force a relapse. This is why you should create and follow a long-term plan to slowly wean you off that food which you can still eat occasionally.

Be Accountable

One way to curb laziness is being accountable to yourself. The best way to do this is to start a log and keep to it, writing every action, non-action as well as setback you experience in your health care efforts. Keep your log where you can see it most times so it can serve as a reminder of what you have to do.

Find Friends with Healthy Lifestyles

You should make friends with someone who has a better handle on a disciplined and healthy lifestyle, not someone who is still struggling half-heartedly with taking their health seriously, but someone with a heavy health regime who can challenge you and encourage you with their actions. An ideal case scenario would be someone you can exercise with, make plans with and get suggestions from.

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A barbell pullover is an exercise designed to target the broadest muscle in the back. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Sleep Well

The average adult needs a duration of at least 8 hours of sleep daily. You need to make sure you’re getting adequate sleep to power you up instead of relying on caffeine. As such, you need to maintain a strict schedule to ensure that you sleep well, which is essential for good health. [1]

Motivate Yourself

Start your day with positive self-talk, encouraging yourself that you can do all that you need to do. Avoid negative thoughts like remembering how you didn’t complete your exercise schedule for the previous day or how you ate an unhealthy snack you shouldn’t have eaten. You can also use a mentor’s progress to motivate yourself. Another source of motivation is looking at someone who is sick because of bad health choices.

Be Equipped

Being equipped doesn’t mean getting your own personal gym or paying a year’s gym fees, it means getting the equipment that will make you more productive in your health goals like a timer, a log book, comfortable footwear, the right clothes, work out music and a water bottle.


The first step to prioritizing is making a to-do list of things you need to do every day to take care of your health. Your to-do list must also revolve around your healthy lifestyle plan, which is a detailed plan of how you’re going to pursue a healthy life. Your to-do lists should also contain a deadline which you need to follow to avoid procrastination.

Conclusion: There are a lot of things that contribute to your being lazy about your health, you need to identify those things that make you reluctant about pursuing your good health and fitness so that you can avoid them or plan to deal with them.

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