12 Simple Tips to Gain Weight Quickly

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The words “weight gain” usually have a negative connotation, as it seems that everyone is trying to find ways to lose weight, shed pounds and burn fat. However, for some people, whether they are struggling with emotional, hormonal, physical or nutritional problems, weight gain is something they desperately need to stay healthy. Some people are naturally predisposed to being skinny, some people lose weight following injury or surgery and others may have underlying medical conditions that keep them underweight. Fortunately, there are many easy strategies and methods to gain weight in a healthy way.

 How to Gain Weight Fast?

Some of the best ways to gain weight fast include eating more meals, lowering liquid intake, exercise and eating before bed.

Eat More Meals: If you eat more meals per day, and only shrink their size slightly, you are far more likely to exceed your typical calorie intake. This is more effective than increasing the size of your standard meals, as this will only make you feel full before your body has a chance to digest.

Exercise: Although exercise does burn calories and can help to lose weight, when done in combination with an excess of calories, the increase in muscle mass can help you gain lean muscle and healthy weight, rather than pure fat deposition.

Bedtime Snack: If you eat right before you go to bed, your body will be able to use those calories in the best way possible, namely repairing the body and building muscle mass. Your sleeping hours are the body’s busiest times behind the scenes, so having a high-protein or whole-wheat snack right before bed can be an excellent way to pack on some healthy pounds.

Lowering Liquid Intake: If you regularly drink a lot of juice, water, coffee, tea, smoothies or shakes, consider eliminating them if you want to gain weight. Most of those beverages are rather low in calories, but they can fill you up and satiate your hunger, which won’t help you gain weight.

Diet Tips to Gain Weight

Some of the best diet tips to gain weight include adding high-calorie foods, treating yourself to dessert, trying smoothies, eating more protein, tracking your calories and increasing “good” fat levels.

High-calorie Foods: Eating calorie-dense foods is basically eating “quality” versus “quantity” in your effort to gain weight. Foods like peanut butter, raisins, chia seeds, dates, guacamole, whole-wheat bread and ground beef are all calorie-rich foods that will help you gain weight fast.

Dessert: If you want to treat yourself, there is nothing wrong with having dessert, particularly if you are trying to gain weight. Healthy weight gain requires eating good foods, but adding in some extra ice cream or dark chocolate cake will also help you bulk up.

Smoothies: Instead of drinking water or basic juice, blend up vegetables and fruit, as you will not only get the benefit of their fiber and calories, but it is also less filling than eating those fruits and vegetables in their raw form.

Protein: More protein means more fuel for your body to build muscle and gain weight in a healthy way. Add protein-dense foods like eggs, almonds, cottage cheese, broccoli, chicken breast and milk to your diet if you want to add lean muscle weight.

Calorie-tracking: Simply saying you will eat more is one thing, but holding yourself accountable to a calorie goal is much more helpful. Set reasonable goals of calorie intake (2,500-3,000, for example), and then diligently write down your calories throughout the day. If you are short at the end of the day, you can easily have a late-night snack to push you over your goal.

“Good” Fats: Gaining weight doesn’t need to mean getting fat. Adding good forms of fat, such as salmon, avocados, walnuts, hemp seed and egg yolks, can help you gain weight in a healthy way.

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